WOOT!ing Interests -- Week 12

Damn you, Colorado.

Seriously, Buffaloes, you couldn't put away a win against the THIRD string Oklahoma State QB?  Pathetic....the Big Ten needed you to upset the Cowboys to almost guarantee a 2nd Big Ten BCS bowl slot, and you failed.  Consider this the curse of Gary Barnett -- since you stole him from Northwestern, you've fallen to mediocrity, which is pretty remarkably bad for a team playing in the craptastic Big 12 North. (To balance out your bad karma, Northwestern enjoyed a 3rd Big Ten title under Randy Walker, and its recent run of success under Fitz....the lesson? Don't even ATTEMPT to steal our coaches away.)

So what are we WOOT!ing for this week, Cats fans?

  • I'm WOOT!ing for Thanksgiving.  That's right, with the last home game of the season upon us, it's time for the annual "Thanksgiving in a Parking Lot" tailgate.  We're bringing turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberries, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, gravy....we're even doing post-game "leftovers" with turkey reuben sandwiches.  If I fall asleep in the DJ booth and don't play enough Wildcat growls, you can blame it on the inevitable food coma.  Thanksgiving is great....Thanksgiving in a Parking Lot is legen-wait for it, because it honors the cow-based export of our Wisconsin guests this week-DARY!
  • I'm also WOOT!ing for the seniors, who are two wins away (that's right, we're taking down Wisconsin and DOMINATING a bowl opponent) from being arguably the 2nd most impressive senior class in TV-era Northwestern history (edged only by Fitz's senior class, which basically resuscitated football at Northwestern).  A special shout out, too, to the NUMB seniors.
  • OSU over Michigan -- I'd like to see this one be a close win for OSU, though, just to keep RichRod around for another year.  We need OSU to win, though, to keep the prospect of a 6-6 Michigan bowl trip away from bowl officials looking for an attendance boost -- you know there are a lot of Wolverines fans that will go to any bowl after missing out last year.
  • My recliner over the Illini.  Vegas has installed the Lay-Z-Boy as the prohibitive favorite.  Zook just can't stop the foot rest-reclining back action on the bye week.
  • A tie between Indiana and Purdue.  Nice fans, neither one is bowling, so let's send everybody home a "non-loser" this week.
  • Iowa over Minnesota; PSU over Michigan State -- gotta keep the teams one game behind us right there....and by right there, I mean 2 games behind us after we stop Wisconsin.
  • Wyoming over TCU and/or Utah State over Boise State.  Neither of these are even remotely possible.  But would they help? Yes.
  • Oklahoma to remember it is goddamn Oklahoma.  I don't know who they play this week and I'm too lazy to look it up.  All I know is that they play Oklahoma State next week...and Oklahoma State needs to be demolished (which would get the Big Ten another BCS team, and move the Cats up a bowl). Goddamn Oklahoma doesn't lose to Oklahoma State.  Goddamn Oklahoma burns non-natural gas fossil fuels just to piss off T. Boone Pickens and his wind farms.  Goddamn Oklahoma is too good to "pull a Colorado" and lose to a 3rd string QB.  We need Goddamn Oklahoma back, for one week only.
  • Cal over That Team from Palo Alto (TTFPA)  I have to admit, I liked Harbaugh going for 2 against USC, though.  It reminded me of the great Woody Hayes quote, when asked about why he went for two against Michigan late in a game that Ohio State had a huge lead in: "Because I couldn't go for three."  Then again, like Woody Hayes, Harbaugh is a prick.
  • UConn over That Team From South Bend (TTFSB).  Do you know that TTFSB, despite their horrific, mediocre season, will still probably be playing in the Gator Bowl on New Years Day?  You can blame all the over-40 sportswriters that continue to buy into the B.S. that is TTFSB's "Mystique."

That's all I got, folks.  Anything else you're WOOT!ing for this week?   

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