2009 v. 2010? Which Northwestern team is better? (Or why I have some faith against Iowa/Illinois/Wisconsin...)


Lately, it seems that Wildcat Nation (well, maybe more like Wildcat City-State, or Wildcat Vatican/Liechtenstein-esque Principality) has developed a sense of collective amnesia.  Based on the comments here and elsewhere, we're terrible and regressing from 2009.

Quick quiz -- which team is better:

  • Record (thru 9 games, with Iowa/Illinois/Wisconsin remaining):
    • Team A: 5-4
    • Team B: 6-3
  • QBs:
    • Team A: 65% completion rate, 129.3 QB rating, 6.97 yards per passing attempt, 16 TD, 12 INTs, 299 yards rushing with 5 rushing TDs (thru 13 games)
    • Team B: 73% completion rate, 161.0 QB rating, 8.74 yards per passing attempt, 13 TDs, 3 INTs, 469 yards rushing with 8 rushing TDs (thru 9 games)
  • Rushing
    • Team A: 117.8 ypg, leading rusher has 302 yards on the season (13 games)
    • Team B: 150.3 ypg, leading rusher has 469 yards on the season (9 games) - 2nd leading rusher has 350 yards on the season
  • Offense:
    • Team A: 25.8 points per game, 404.4 yards per game
    • Team B: 26.0 points per game, 409.8 yards per game
  • Scoring Defense:
    • Team A: Allowing 24.5 points per game
    • Team B: Allowing 21.9 points per game
  • Special Teams
    • Team A: 20.6 yards per kick return, 6.3 yards per punt return, 72.0% on FG, 94.6% on XP, 33.0 net yards per punt average
    • Team B: 20.8 yards per kick return, 7.2 yards per punt return, 66.7% on FG, 88.9% on XP, 36.8 net yards per punt average

So, obviously, you've probably figured out that Team A is Northwestern in 2009, and Team B is Northwestern in 2010.

So why do we think we're terrible this year?  We're DEMONSTRABLY better in almost EVERY category that matters (save FGs/XPs, where it's not as bad as it looks), while playing a schedule that is equal to or TOUGHER than last year's.

Thoughts? Predictions? Dissenting voices? 

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