What is the excuse now?

I want to hear, what are the excuses for this loss?  If you are a fan that says, we got beat by a better team in a close game, then I have NO issue with you.  But, if you are a Fitzgerald fan, I want to hear what is the excuse now.

1.  We are coming off a bye week.

Umm, no, we were no better prepared than if it was a normal week.

2.  Revenge.  After last year's loss, all players and coaches are going to have revenge on their mind.

Umm, no, we got beat by a better team.

3.  Ron Zook is a knucklehead/loser/bad guy/recruits X, Y, and Z players/or whatever you don't like about him.

Umm, no, he outcoached Fitz/McCall/Hankwitz, etc.  

4.  After that Army loss, we will be angrier than normal.

Umm, no, we played well at times and poorly at times.

5.  Persa went out. 

No question, it hurt, but injuries are a part of sports.

6.  Big Ten opener.

Yup, and this team lost.

I just want people to admit it, NU football is not in better hands than it was under Gary Barnett and Randy Walker.  I do not want Fitzgerald fired, but I want his arrogrant, self-rigtheousness to stop, and for him to recruit better players and coach better.  Sure, is it and either/or vs. an and, I'm not sure, but I have seen NU lose to Army and Illinois in completely different ways.  

Bottom line, this team can be 3-5 by beating Indiana, Purdue, and Minnesota and be "bowl eligible", but is that what NU fans want?  Bowl eligibility?  72 teams make bowl games, so don't tell me it is an accomplishment to be 6-6 and go to a bowl game.  

If people want to continue to say how great Pat Fitzgerald is, I really want to understand your definition of great.  In the Big Ten right now, I rank Pat F 7th or 8th amongst the coaches.  That is great?  Hardly.

Let's not start the whole facilities, academics, recruiting restrictions, location, weather, etc excuse rant, b/c I have seen NU win 3 Big Ten championships under 2 coaches.  Yet, I've heard TONS of hype about this guy from both fans and media, yet his peak season has been 2 5-3 seasons.  Yay!  That is solid, not great by even NU standards.

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