Finally! Some news on (possible on campus) facilities from the Trib

We've been patiently waiting for about a year for something to come out of the AD's office regarding facilities. Now we at least have a glimmer of light, according to an article on the Trib. I'll summarize the good, the bad, and the ugly with my thoughts italicized

The Good

the trustees have a "huge appetite," according to a source, to build a top-notch football facility that will rival the league's best.

Sweet! Lets spend big to get it right. If we have to get a big donation from our past donors (calling Pat Ryan...), or take out $100,000,000+ from the endowment, lets hit a big home run! 

The trustees ... said Northwestern has title to 58 acres in the lake and wants to examine the possibility of gaining new land via lake fill

Embiggening the lakefront campus is always good.... but at what price? And how long to get approval to build?

The Bad

The area where Phillips and NU football coach Pat Fitzgerald want to build is just northeast of NU's Allen Center. There are various proposals that could affect land currently in use as a parking lot, an open field, part of a lagoon and NU's varsity soccer field.

I'd rather not have the lagoon messed with. Removing parking spaces will cause some pain. 

The Ugly

NU's last football facilities upgrade came in 1996 following back-to-back Big Ten championships. Since then, every Big Ten school has enhanced its stadium, practice facility or both, except Northwestern.

... one Big Ten source said: "Schools use facilities against them - and that will continue until they put a shovel in the ground."

Ok, so other schools use our facilities against us... Figures. Time to fix it!

If we build a new on campus practice facility, why not move everything over to the lake? 


This little teaser of a newspaper story is not enough for my appetite. Dr. Phillips, please give us more info than this! 

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