SOP Big Ten Basketball Gambling Contest

Non-conference play is essentially over for the Big Ten: Wisconsin hosting Mississippi Valley State tonight is the only remaining game before Big Ten play starts. So it's time to see who can make the best predictions for the upcoming Big Ten schedule.

The contest will work as follows, and is open to anyone who posts their entry in the comments section of this post:

1. I will set a line for the total number of Big Ten wins for all 12 Big Ten teams. These are for scheduled Big Ten games only, the Big Ten tournament does not count.

2. Each entrant will get 120 Lundys to bet with.

3. You must bet a minimum of 5 Lundys on every team.

4. The maximum you can bet on a team is 15 Lundys. If you are bad at math and don't feel like doing addition, you can just bet 10 on every team.

5. The deadline for entries is tip-off of the first Big Ten game, December 27th at 7:30 eastern.

6. Prizes for the winner are yet to be determined, but may include an appearance on the podcast, access to the front page of the site to write about whatever you choose, Northwestern related merchandise, and eternal bragging rights.

7. If you have multiple SB Nation accounts, you can only use one to enter. If I catch you multi-accounting, all of your entries will be disqualified, and you will be publicly mocked for cheating.

The lines are after the jump

Illinois: Over/under 8.5 wins

Indiana: Over/under 12 wins

Iowa: Over/under 4 wins

Michigan: Over/under 10.5 wins

Michigan State: Over/under 11 wins

Minnesota: Over/under 7 wins

Nebraska: Over/under 4.5 wins

Northwestern: Over/under 7.5 wins

Ohio State: Over/under 15.5 wins

Penn State: Over/under 3.5 wins

Purdue: Over/under 10.5 wins

Wisconsin: Over/under 13.5

Ok, those are the lines. To make my life easier, as I will be entering all of these entries into Excel or SAS for scoring, here is a template to follow when submitting an entry. List the team, over or under, and your bet size. For example,

Illinois Over 10

Indiana Under 12

Iowa Over 7


Make any comments about your picks before or after the list, it will make my life a lot easier.

Thank you, and good luck. This is for all the Lundys.

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