State of the basketball roster

(Ed. Note: A breakdown of the basketball roster from the Fanposts should be good fodder for your Fourth of July weekend.)

So the NCAA allows teams to have 13 scholarship players. Right now with Juice, Capocci, Ryan, Peljusic and (even) Coble coming off the books, we have some openings. Figured it wouldn't hurt to break down our available scholarships by class and position since the summer will provide a lot of recruiting buzz (maybe not necessarily including our 'Cats but we can dream a little).

2011-2012 roster (just scholarship so no Hearn or Nichols listed)

Seniors (4) : F John Shurna, F Davide Curletti, C Luka Mirkovic, G Nick Fruendt (where have you gone, Kyle Rowley)

Juniors (2) : G Drew Crawford, G Alex Marcotullio

Sophomores (1) : G JerShon Cobb (F Nikola Cerina in same grad class)

Freshmen (3) : G Tre Demps, G David Sobolewski, F Mike Turner

So we are using 10 of 13 available scholarships. We have future commits in C Alex Olah (2012), TCU transfer Nikola Cerina (2012, with two years remaining) and F Milos Kostic (2013). This all means that preparing for the 2012 season, we have 8 of 13 spots filled and heading into 2013 we have 7 of 13 filled. Also I'm no X and O genius but we seem rather guard-heavy in the current freshmen to juniors group.

Here are my questions:

1) Can Hardy and Hill recruit some big guy that sniffs a top 100 ranking to play with all our guards?

2) What happened to the new era of Chicago Public League recruits (i.e. Whitney Young HS)? And for that matter where did all the Croatians go?

3) Will we ever use 12 scholarship or 13 scholarship guys? (I could be wrong but I think Carmody has only done this twice in his ten -going on 11 - year career in Evanston...must be some strategy that Izzo, Bo and Painter haven't figured out yet)

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