Carmody's reputation amongst B1G coaches.

From Chris Emma.

So, what bothers me is how coaches say ALL COACHES are great. When Thad Matta says, "Bill is to me one of the best coaches in the country, I really believe that." I just want to ask Coach Matta, what is your definition of 'best coach'? Forget the country, just focus on the B1G, where would Carmody rank in terms of B1G coaches? Even being nice, I can't rank Carmody better than 8th in the conference. So, is that best?

Now, if coaches are EXCLUSIVELY talking about X's & O's coaching, then maybe I would say Carmody is a little better, but not much. I ABSOLUTELY credit Carmody for being a fantastic offensive mind, especially at out of bounds plays, but he is TERRIBLE at defensive coaching. Whether it is opponent's points per game or points per possession or heck, just the eye test of watching the games, I doubt many people would defend Carmody's defensive acumen.

So, all in all, I guess this is just coach speak where everyone says everyone is a great coach, so I shouldn't get upset about this, but it makes me laugh when people say other coaches think Carmody is great, so clearly he is great.

Another minor rant, I'm so tired of people/fans/commentators looking down on 'recruiters vs. coaches', as if recruiting is some dirty industry, and coaching basketball is some high and noble profession. Now only are they obviously linked, but I've yet to see a coach win without great/good players. Bobby Knight, one of the most respected X's and O's minds in the history of college basketball, was fired from Indiana, b/c he was losing more than the drama was worth. Now, did Knight forget how to coach, of course not, but elite players stopped going to Indiana b/c of Knight's behavior.

Let's just say NU finally fired Carmody, would he get a BCS coaching job? With his 66-136 (.327) B1G record, I am 99% sure that no program would hire him. There would be nothing to base it on. He 'succeeded' at Princeton where the competition was watered down to say the least, and got a job offer at NU, b/c of his relationship with Bienen.
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