Tuesday Sips, featuring Bowl Stuff and Napoleon Harris

Mike Ehrmann

Taking looks at what other people think about where Northwestern will play in a bowl, plus former NU linebacker Napoleon Harris is running for congressman.

So, I now have internet at my house out here in Bushwick, which allows me to write things on the internet. Now I can write things on the internet! Luckily, there's a lot of stuff:

bowlin bowlin bowlin bowlin WHAT bowlin bowlin bowlin bowlin COME ON: With a week left until bowls are selected, we here at Sippin' on Purple are sort of kind of well a little bit following where Northwestern might end up. I would've posted a super-duper wrapup of everything, but, well, bollocks, Inside NU did that while I didn't have internet. Consensus? Most likely Outback Bowl, most likely against - oh, crap - South Carolina. Ughhhhhhhh ughhh ugh;kasdf

We could still hypothetically make the Capital One Bowl - where they could hypothetically play Alabama, ahhahahahahahahahaha - or more likely the Gator Bowl. The smart move is to just buy a plane somewhere in the hellish expanse known as mid-to-north Florida and hope it all works out.

Pat Fitzgerald, on the other hand, likes misinterpreting bowl tweets. He took this tweet:

And made into this one:

So you're telling me there's a chance... YEAHHHH

To be fair, the Cap One account also said that there was a large amount of discussion involving picking NU over Michigan. Good bowl account, that one.

More LOLHat festivities: Illinois was featured on College Shameday for Tim Beckman's triparoo. Although The Champaign Room began a Beckman watch, they are now sorta resigned to the fact that their new, somehow more Yakety Sax-y version of Ron Zook will be around for at least another year.

Bowl wins, zero, congressmen, one? Napoleon Harris is a State Senator-elect, but now he's running for the congress seat made vacant when Jesse Jackson, Jr. resigned. Nap was an all-B1G linebacker for NU's 2000 conference Championship team and also spent a year the basketball team before seven years in the NFL at linebacker. I stay out of politics, but I generally think putting people named "Napoleon" in positions of power is a bad idea.

South Dakota missed their planes back, I guess: Wrigleyville is home to Ki-yoats now.

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