One Less Day Til Football Season, #91, Brian Arnfelt

CHICAGO - NOVEMBER 20: Nathan Scheelhaase #2 of the Illinois Fighting Illini runs pursued by Brian Arnfelt #91 of the Northwestern Wilcats during a game played at Wrigley Field on November 20 2010 in Chicago Illinois. Illinois defeated Northwestern 48-27. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

I graduate in two weeks, but that's only if I don't die from being bad at schoolwork before I finish Wednesday. But let's cut through that nonsense and talk about football.

Brian Arnfelt, No. 90, Defensive Tackle, Lake Elmo, Minn.

Who he be: Brian is now a senior defensive tackle who has played more or less in a reserve role all year. He's had two career starts - Iowa, 2010, Meineke Car Care Bowl last year. He was pretty firmly in the rotation as a sophomore, playing all 13 games, but last season saw him struggle with foot injuries and missed the first four and last four games of the season. He's a big boy - 6-foot-5, 300 pounds - and can lift lots of stuff, as evidenced in this video, but Northwestern was his only offer out of high school way back when. That considered, he's been a consistent player when healthy for NU in his first three seasons.

Random song/tidbits from player profile page COMBO: "Trying To Find A Balance", Atmosphere. Not my favorite Atmosphere song, but it's the one Arnfelt mentions on his player profile page. Not what I expected from Arnfelt, but I guess it's a Minnesota thing? Anyway, Atmosphere is pretty good at rapping and this is a pretty good excuse to post it.

What's a pirate's favorite Northwestern football player?: Brian ARRRRRRNFELT

What's a pirate's favorite former Northwestern football player/LSU baseball player?: ARRRRRRRRby Fields

What's a pirate's favorite Red Line stop?: ARRRRRRRRRgyle. Actually, probably Addison, because, I mean, where else are the Pirates actually going to win a game on the road?

What's a pirate's favorite metric for determining entrance to the NCAA Tournament?: ARRRRRRRRRRRpi, although he admits its flaws.

What's a pirate's favorite cancelled TV comedy about the world of sports agents? ARRRRRRRRli$$. Although, to be fair, that's pretty much the only one.

Going forward: Brian will definitely earn lotsa playing time this season if healthy in a defensive tackle unit that includes him, Will Hampton, and Chance Carter. In his healthiest, most prominent outing last year, the bowl game, he had five stops including a TFL and QB hurry while NU held Texas A&M's running back to 3.3 yards per carry, which isn't particularly great. He's strong as hell and can probably push dudes around up front. We'll see whether he can be a big factor his senior year.

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