One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 80, Mike Jensen

AALBORG, DENMARK - JUNE 11: Mike Jensen of Denmark is airbourne after a challenge from Fabian Lustenberger (L) of Switzerland during the UEFA European U21 Championships Group A match between Denmark and Switzerland at the Aalborg Stadium on June 11, 2011 in Aalborg, Denmark. (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

So I'm back in New York! And though I still will defend New York's place as the world's greatest city by a wide margin, well, I want to be back in Evanston. Miss u and whatnot, Northwestern.

Glad so many of you liked the shotgunning picture - it's making the rounds, apologies to my advisor for hanging her out to dry like that especially since she was actually quite supportive once I decided to apply for sure.

No. 80, Mike Jensen, junior, wide receiver

Who he be: Jensen is a walk-on wide-out from Rancho Santa Fe, California. He started his career at NU as a defensive back but switched to the offensive side of the ball after his redshirt freshman season. He's been a big contributor on special teams - remember when the first play of the game against Penn State was a forced fumble? No? You'd been drinking all day and the game started at seven? Shame on you, but, I mean, well, so did everybody else. But, anyway, Jensen forced it. He also had two receptions for 23 yards as a backup wide receiver, including one in the bowl game for 12 yards. Also, Herman interviewed him last year.

Do we have to worry about Evan Watkins' hands, as I did in the post about him the other day?: Apparently not.

Who are we missing?: Northwestern's freshmen began taking classes and working out with the team today, and as a result, they are all now on the football roster and all the players' years have been adjusted to reflect their new year of eligibility. Here's the players we didn't get to on our countdown:

No. 82, Andrew Scanlan, WR

No. 83, Mike McHugh, WR

No. 86, Jack Schwaba, SB

No. 93, Greg Kuhar, DL

No. 94, Dean Lowry, DL

Northwestern also has a new No. 51 at linebacker and a new No. 7 at a position you might not expect.

Looking forward: As we always note in these, wide receiver is Northwestern's deepest position. However, Jensen will at the least be a contributor on special teams and, judging from last year, find his way onto the field for enough snaps that he should get a reception every once in a while. I don't think he'll be fighting for a starting spot, but he should find himself getting some PT and contributing in some light.

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