One Less Day Til Football, No. 20, Malin Jones

HELSINKI, FINLAND - JUNE 28: Malin Dahlstrom of Sweden competes during the Women's Pole Vault Qualification during day two of the 21st European Athletics Championships at the Olympic Stadium on June 28, 2012 in Helsinki, Finland (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)

So, basically, what I did that was dumb is that I counted down to the day football season starts, which is great, if you want to read about Bo Cisek on the Saturday Northwestern opens its season against Syracuse. You don't. You want to read about him the day BEFORE. Even if you DID want to spend your college football Saturday reading about Bo Cisek, you can still do that, - it'll be on the site forever! You can go back and read it at your leisure, homie! So, I guess what I'm saying is there's gonna be lots of posts here over the next soon amount of time, and remember that Kyle Prater is just below, and so are all those awesome posts by MountainTiger that got bumped down the front page. Keep reading, I guess!

No. 20, Malin Jones, freshman, running back

Who he be: Malin is a freshman outta Naperville, where he was a pretty darn good running back at Joliet Catholic. If you don't believe me, here's a highlight reel with very questionable taste in music:

"Yeah, I know everybody else has Young Jeezy in their highlight videos, but give me Rage Against The Machine and some Hoobastank soundalikes."

He had 4,000 yards - even more than Mike Alstott did at the same school. That earned him some gaudy offers from places like Notre Dame and some less gaudy offers from Iowa, Illinois, Louisville, and Boston College. He chose NU tho.

Famous Malins: Most notable people named Malin are Swedish women, for example, Malin Akerman, who you may know from her role in "The Watchmen" or from her being very hot. My research leads me to believe that Malin Jones is neither Swedish nor a woman.

We fly high, no lie, you know this: MALIN! (yes, I just want really bad song nicknames for every one of our running backs)

Dearly departed: Scott Concannon, who was oddly very effective at running back in wins against Indiana and Iowa before just, like, disappearing.

Looking forward: I wouldn't be surprised to see Malin get into the mix at running back this year as a true freshman. Northwestern has put a true frosh in at RB each of the past three seasons, and Jones certainly seems to have the talent to contribute right off the bat. Not clear whether he actually will, though - that's up to the coaches.

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