NU Fall Sports BMOC Power Rankings - Labor Day Weekend Edition

Is Trevor Siemian the new Big Man on Campus after his clutch, game-winning TD drive off the bench against Syracuse on Saturday?

Since the college football season officially kicked off this weekend and the rest of the fall sports are up and running, I thought I'd roll out some Labor Day weekend Fall Sports Big Man on Campus Power Rankings. While all of these athletes below had a great weekend, it's unfortunate they will not be able to soak in the full BMOC feeling since NU does this whole thing called trimesters and thus, no normies are currently present on campus to do a little jersey chasing. Nonetheless, the following were stars on the field this weekend. My top 10 after the jump.

10. Chi Chi Ariguzo (Football) - I was close to putting him on the dishonorable mention list for nearly making a costly mental error that would make Leon Lett proud, however his teammates bailed him out by giving him a live crash course of Football Rules 101. In the end, his INT and fumble recovery for TD (even though it was a gift) outweigh his comical gaffe.

9. Demetrius Fields (Football) - The wide receiver corps as a whole did not live up to the hype in week one, but Fields stepped up with eight catches for 83 yards and I guess his game winning catch was slightly important.

8. NU Football Secondary - Just Kidding...Too soon?

7. Jarrett Baughman (Men's Soccer) - Baughman flies under the radar a bit with bigger name teammates, but the senior captain center back is as solid as can be and was named Defensive MVP of the Gamecock Classic where the 'Cats went 1-0-1 and moved to 1-0-2 overall.

6. Chelsea Armstrong (Field Hockey) - I inexplicably left Armstrong off of my Overall BMOC Power Rankings, but not this time as the Australian tacked on two more goals to her all-time leading total in front of a capacity crowd of 79 people as the Field Hockey Squad moved to 3-0.

5. Kyle Schickel (Men's Soccer) - Schickel, a Louisville native, scored the golden goal in OT against Kentucky to give the Wildcats (of Northwestern) their first win of the season. Makes it cooler that the 5'5" Schickel scored via header which would make more sense if forming a mega-person, as Will Ferell suggested to Byong-sun in Kicking & Screaming, were legal. Also, if he didn't score and that game ended as a draw as well, NU Men's Soccer would be starting the season 0-0-3 and setting soccer back 10 years.

4. Stephanie Holthus (Women's Volleyball) - Is it just me or does Women's Volleyball not seem like a fall sport? I could have sworn they were a winter sport. Regardless, I am an idiot and they are 5-0 as Holthus has won tournament MVP honors in back to back weekends.

3. Kain Colter (Football) - Has a Northwestern QB ever gone 14-21 with 2 TD's and no picks and left much of the fan base thinking that he might not be the guy for the job? Colter played pretty well, if not great, so he hasn't lost his luster just yet, but stay tuned, this could get awkward. Still high up on this list as Fitz maintains that there is no QB controversy, but...

2. Trevor Siemian (Football) - That but is where Trevor Siemian comes in. Siemian came in cold and looked effortless in driving the Wildcats down for the game-winning score after a complete defensive meltdown to blow a 22 point lead. Siemian looks like he can make all the throws and is a pure QB which is why many are wondering if the 'Cats may be better off with him as the full time starting QB relegating Colter to the slash role that he was excellent in last year. Time will tell, but for now Siemian's stock is sky high in the Wildcat community. Also, the soccer team may be able to learn a thing or two about flopping from Siemian with that acting job he did in drawing the 15 yard penalty.

1. Venric Mark (Football) - Siemian may have stolen the show at the end, but still the story of the game and the weekend was the electric Mark. I was skeptical early as to whether Mark would be too small to gain yards consistently on the ground and it still remains to be seen if he will be able to run between the tackles and stay healthy all year, but man did he put on a show on Saturday especially in the return game finishing with 281 all purpose yards. Venric was on the Mark this weekend and is on top of the BMOC Power Rankings.

Honorable Mention: Ibraheim Campbell (Football) - 13 tackles, Joey Calistri (Men's Soccer) - 1st career goal to tie game v. Kentucky, Katie Dutchman (Women's Volleyball) - second straight All-tournament performance.

Dishonorable Mention: Mike Trumpy (Football) - 4 car, -4 yards, NU Defense (Football) - speechless, Kyle Prater (Football) - it's early, but we may have overhyped.

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