Monday Sips, Featuring Depth Chart Updates, Dark Horsie Status, and LALALACAN'T HEAR YOU,

Sep 22, 2012; Evanston, IL, USA; Northwestern Wildcats running back Treyvon Green (22) during the fourth quarter against the South Dakota Coyotes at Ryan Field. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-US PRESSWIRE

It's Big Ten game week! Let's hit the ground walking:

Light horses are overrated: Stewart Mandel, who typically avoids the NU bias in his stuff, has Northwestern as the dark horse in the Big Ten:

The 4-0 Wildcats defeated three admittedly lightweight BCS-conference foes (Syracuse, Vanderbilt and Boston College) and don't face the three best teams from the Leaders Division: Ohio State, Wisconsin and Purdue. Pat Fitzgerald's team could conceivably sneak its way to Indianapolis.

(twiddles thumbs, pretends not to notice)

(Looks outside window, sees flaming ruins and burning despair): Pat Fitzgerald says the way the rest of the Big Ten has played won't change his team's preparation. In fact...

NU coach Pat Fitzgerald admitted he’s paid very little attention to the rest of the Big Ten.

Here, let me summarize for you, coach: have you ever seen that photo of that Buddhist priest self-immolating to protest his government's oppression of religious clergy? It's sort of like that, but less poetic.

Wildbears: John Mullin of CSN Chicago profiled Sherrick McManis and Corey Wootton for the Bears and didn't even mention the whole Northwestern thing. He should ask his colleague Jeremy Lynn, who has been searching random basketball courts in Kyoto trying to find John Shurna.

Help this child: I got an email from a reader about his little cousin Ryan, who is fighting brain cancer:

Some specifics are that he has a large tumor behind his left eye, and they are treating it with a proton treatment which is fairly new and very expensive as well as chemo. They can't perform surgery to remove the tumor until it shrinks because of the location.

He's trying to raise money via this website to help pay for the treatment. He didn't ask me to post on here about it, but here's my point: there's no real reason you shouldn't help out. I spent about $20 at a Northwestern bar this weekend, just to entertain myself for a few hours. I plan on chipping in $5. But if everybody on here helps out just a little bit, we can make a difference I'm sure. I'd love to hear from some of you guys sending a few dollars over. Again, the website is here and please help out.

Depth chart updates: Some minor stuff that reflects what we already know: Traveon Henry is now on the depth chart as a backup safety, replacing Jimmy Hall - Henry has been playing the past two weeks. Quinn Evans is listed as the co-starter alongside Demetrius Dugar at cornerback, which looking on the field Saturday, seemed to already be in effect. And Deonte Gibson has overtaken Ifeadi Odenigbo after coming back from injury, which reflects the way it was before he was hurt. I hope we didn't burn Odenigbo's shirt for one game.

Illcatic: The best rapper of all time is headlining the A&O Fall Ball. AWESOME, THANKS FOR LETTING ME SEE LUPE FIASCO LAST YEAR GUYS, GLAD YOU GOT HIM IN THERE BEFORE I GRADUATED I TOTALLY AM GLAD I SAW HIM AND NOT NAS. There's also some dumb indie band that has never released a genre-defining album when they were 19.

Tweet of the day: From former safety David Arnold:

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