Kevin Trahan
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Aug 26, 2013

The depth chart for the first week against Cal:


Quarterback — Kain Colter, Trevor Siemian

Running Back — Venric Mark, Mike Trumpy OR Treyvon Green

Y Receiver — Mike Jensen, Cermak Bland

X Receiver  — Tony Jones, Kyle Prater OR Mike McHugh

Z Receiver — Rashad Lawrence, Cameron Dickerson

H Receiver — Christian Jones, Andrew Scanlan

Superback — Dan Vitale, Mark Szott

Left Tackle — Jack Konopka, Shane Mertz

Left Guard — Geoff Mogus, Adam DePietro

Center — Brandon Vitabile, Matt Frazier

Right Guard — Ian Park, Hayden Baker

Right Tackle — Paul Jorgensen, Eric Olson


Defensive End – Tyler Scott, Ifeadi Odenigbo

Defensive Tackle – Sean McEvilly, C.J. Robbins

Defensive Tackle – Chance Carter, Will Hampton

Defensive End – Dean Lowry OR Deonte Gibson

SAM Linebacker – Collin Ellis, Joseph Jones

MIKE Linebacker – Damien Proby, Timmy Vernon OR Jaylen Prater

WILL Linebacker – Chi Chi Ariguzo, Drew Smith

Cornerback – Daniel Jones, Dwight White

Safety – Ibraheim Campbell, Terrance Brown OR Davion Fleming

Safety – Traveon Henry, Jimmy Hall

Cornerback – Nick VanHoose, C.J. Bryant

Special Teams

Kicker – Jeff Budzien

Punter – Brandon Williams

Long Snapper – Pat Hickey, Chris Fitzpatrick

Kick Returner – Venric Mark, Tony Jones

Punt Returner – Venric Mark, Tony Jones

Initial Reactions

- There’s only one OR among the starters, and it’s at defensive end. Dean Lowry and Deonte Gibson are listed as co-starters, and both will see plenty of playing time. However, defensive line coach Marty Long said last week that Lowry will be first on the field, so we’ll see if that’s true for the Cal game.

- The offensive line battles were settled with little drama. The starters everyone projected last week are listed as the starters today.

- Some interesting notes at receiver: Pierre Youngblood-Ary, who seemed to be having a good camp, isn’t on the depth chart. Walk-on senior Mike Jensen earned a starting spot. Fitzgerald called him the spring MVP. Walk-on Cermak Bland made the second string, while Kyle Prater is sharing a second-string spot with redshirt freshman Mike McHugh. Also look out for Andrew Scanlan. He’s a redshirt freshman and a big receiver who had a nice camp and should be a starter down the road.

- Terrance Brown cracked the depth chart in somewhat of a surprise.

- Collin Ellis won the starting spot at SAM linebacker, and in a somewhat interesting move, Drew Smith is listed as the backup at WILL. He had been practicing mostly at SAM — he’ll surely play there a lot this year too — but NU prides itself in having linebackers who know how to play multiple linebacker spots, so it’s not a huge surprise.

  • Chasmo

    Cermak Bland?

    • Kevin Trahan

      He had a good camp. Could be a Mike Jensen kind of story.

  • gocatsgo2003

    1) Pretty sure Coach Long actually said that Lowry would be on the field first, but could be mistaken there.
    2) Good on both Mike Jensen and Cermak Bland for making the two-deep based on a solid camp performance, but I anticipate we will see less of them than the other WRs listed since the Y is usually the WR taken off the field for a SB.
    3) Not sure why Terrance Brown cracking the two-deep is much of a surprise if Igwebuike is indeed destined for a redshirt, though I would guess Hall actually backs up both Campbell and Henry. The five safeties listed are really the only five we have who aren’t destined for redshirts this year.
    4) Similarly, I’m guessing that Drew Smith is the first man off the bench at both OLB spots.
    5) With the release of this depth chart, I believe the height/weights have been updated again. I was pleasantly surprised to see Lowry listed at 6-6 265, Gibson at 6-3 260, Drew Smith at 6-1 215 (225 on the depth chart), Joseph Jones at 6-1 210 (220 on the depth chart), and Jaylen Prater at 6-0 235. Proby is a load at 6-0 245 (250 on the depth chart). Was surprised to see Szott at 6-4 260 onthe depth chart (240 on the roster)

    • Kevin Trahan

      1) You’re right. That’s a typo. The link talks about Lowry being first on the field, though.

      2) Yes.

      3) To us, a mild surprise that Fitz felt comfortable enough putting him even with Fleming there, but he would have played regardless.

      4) Yes. And Ellis will play WILL too. They’ll do lots of rotating.


      • gocatsgo2003

        I’m well aware that Jay Hooten and Al Johnson have had a profound impact on this program (we may be lobbying for them as under-the-radar MVPs by the end of this season), but that doesn’t make it any less comforting to see the players’ progress reflected in their height/weight numbers. All the developments are positive, though I think Szott probably shouldn’t be up around 260 unless he’s going to be used in-line a lot more going forward.

        • Kevin Trahan

          Yeah I was just saying it’s a testament to what they’ve done. I wasn’t saying it should be less comforting or anything.

  • PioneerCat

    Love seeing Mike Jensen crack the #1 Y Receiver spot. This is a guy who truly epitomizes the character of the program, has been a good leader from the day he showed up in Evanston, a team first unselfish payer, great special teams guy and budding possession receiver. Shades of Jeremy Ebert?

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