Kevin Trahan
By (@k_trahan)
Aug 28, 2013

Northwestern’s on a funky practice schedule this week, so the media talked to Pat Fitzgerald at 12:30 today. Here are the best notes and quotes from that interview:

- On Mike Jensen: “I introduced (Mike Jensen) when he spoke to the team in training camp and my introduction was, hey here’s a little walk-on guy who got into school here, good for Mike. We had him at DB. He had terrible hips, terrible feet, couldn’t cover anybody. We moved him over to wide receiver — he can’t catch — who is this guy?”

- Fitz noted that they took notice of Jensen’s consistent play on special teams, and that’s how he made a name for himself on the team.

- Fitz said the heat made practice difficult for NU earlier this week. There won’t be that issue in Berkeley.

- On the routine for night games: “We’ll push some meetings back to Saturday morning. We’ll do a walk-through on Saturday morning at the hotel. On Saturdays, that’s typically what we do for night games. And then we’ll have some down time, have time for guys to take a nap, like we’ve built in this week. At 7:30 kick, pregame meal is at 3:30.”

- On Friday walk-throughs: “I’m not a believer in that Friday walk-through slap-dick around ball that you see a lot of teams do coming to your stadium. Linemen playing 7-on-7 and all that slap-dick stuff, I’m not a fan of that.We will go in the stadium Friday. If we can go in the stadium, great, if not we’ll go in the locker room and stretch our legs out — whatever their rules are.”

- On Friday walk-throughs: “We’ve done it in all kinds of places. We’ve done it on the pool deck, we’ve done it on the parking lot. There’s a really nice parking lot at the hotel at Purdue that we’ve done it at, interstate running right by. We’ve done it in a lot of areas. We’ve done it outside and all of the sudden rain started and we had to go inside.”

- On preparing for Cal for so long: “You can get some paralysis by analysis with all this time. I’ll have to be all over the coaches a little bit. It’s this and bowl games, you’ve just got too much time on your hands to worry about a bunch of stuff.”

  • Chasmo

    Did Fitz say “slap-stick stuff,” as in absurd physical comedy, or did he say “slap-dick stuff” as in, well, I’m not sure what that would mean?
    If he did indeed say “slap-dick,” could we get a definition and perhaps a derivation? Thanks.

  • julescat

    Fitz has certainly loosened up a lot over the years. Very good to see. I like the “slap-dick” references!

    • Chasmo

      Is “slap-dick” a familiar term to you?

      • julescat

        No. I love that Fitz is breaking new ground. Very colorful and descriptive. The out of the can Fitz is lost and gone forever, I hope.

        • Psum181

          Slap dick is slang for pointless or worthless. I’m surprised to hear Fitz use this when talking to reporters but I bet he drops gems like this all the time with his staff and the players. That’s some real quality unintentional comedy right there.

  • DaCat

    Fitz using the term “slap-dick” seems a little uncharacteristic.

  • Iindycat15ndy at-5

    “Slap dick” is a common football pejorative, used often by coaches to describe aimless plays, players, other coaches, trainers, managers, random people or just about anything. Good to see it popping up in the common vernacular though. Why should football coaches have all the fun?

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