Tuesday sips, featuring Culvers, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Big Ten scheduling

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern has a commencement speaker, the Big Ten could add games to its schedule, and CULVERS IS SO GOOD.

Let's do some more stuff before I do more stuff later!

B1Gger and better: With all the B1Gspansion rumors floating around, there's some real news: the Big Ten could move to a nine or ten game schedule, which would make bowl eligibility harder, but mean more real games. I'd be for nine - ten's a bit prohibitive and means less fun out of conference opponents. Inside NU wrote about what it means for the Wildcats.

Two-point Culversion: Over at the mothership, they're running an awesome tourney: COLLEGE FOOTBALL FOOD. First up was the Big Ten ballot, where voters decided on the B1Ggest chain restaurant. Now, it's the round of 32.

My vote is, and always will be, for Culvers. I can see the argument for Steak N Shake being a Big Ten restaurant, but nothing beats Culvers, not in the food, nor in how goshdarned Big Ten it is. It's so Big Ten. Burgers with butter on them. CHEESE CURDS. My only regret is that there isn't one within like, a half hour of Evanston, or maybe more. There is, of course, that one Steak N Shake, which is sort of the best.

Puttin the BALLER in BALLERINO: Mikhail Baryshnikov will be NU's commencement speaker, who you might know from being the only male ballet guy you know. In other news, SUCK IT RUSSIA, HE DEFECTED HERE USA USA USA. In other other news, "ballerino" is not a correct term for referring to a male ballet dancer. Correct terms include "bro-llet dancer" and "ballet guy".

Jomo out?: Michigan's only player not related to an NBA player, starting center Jordan Morgan, could be out vs. Northwestern after tweaking his ankle. I don't read into this much: Jon Horford is now healthy, freshman Mitch McGary is just about as good as Morgan, and even deep bench guy Max Bielfeldt played decently vs. Illinois, a game they romped in even though Morgan left less than a minute in.

Chier chaos: I really liked this video about Chier Ajou from Inside NU. I'm generally interested in pretty much everything about that dude, apparently. Dude was in a civil war! Dude's a 21-year-old 7-foot-2 guy redshirting!

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