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Bill Carmody fired as Northwestern's head coach

Northwestern has a decision to make after another season without an NCAA Tournament bid. Will they fire Bill Carmody, the most successful coach in program history, after 13 years?

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Sunday sips, ft. Carmody to Rutgers and FOOOTBALLL

Some updates on Bill Carmody's next job - if he does take one - Northwestern's assistant coaching staff, and spring football.


Indiana in hunt for Jaren Sina

Northwestern might be outgunned as they look to keep Jaren Sina: Indiana's interested in the four-star point guard, and Alabama and Seton Hall are still in the mix.. The Wildcats' next coach would be smart to keep New Jersey link Fred Hill on staff if they want to keep Sina.


Taphorn not reconsidering recruitment

Nate Taphorn, the less highly touted of two incoming recruits, won't reconsider his commitment after Bill Carmody's firing, unlike Jaren Sina.


NU to release Sina from LOI

Jaren Sina will be free to look at other programs after Northwestern fired the coach he signed up to play for. But will he actually go elsewhere?


Bill Carmody to Drake?

If what we hear is to be believed, Bill Carmody will find a new job relatively quickly. The first school he's been linked to is Drake


The quotable Bill Carmody, in his own words

Bill Carmody's 13 years featured some good things, some bad things, and some confusing things. MacArthur31 takes a look at Carmody and his team in the coach's own words.


Jim Phillips: "The time has come for a change"

Jim Phillips spoke candidly about his decision to fire Bill Carmody Saturday evening, discussing a better future for Northwestern and how it was "time for a change" despite his respect for the longtime Northwestern coach.


13 years is a long, long time

Bill Carmody was in charge at Northwestern for 13 years. A look back at what college basketball - and Bill Carmody - were like 13 years ago serves as a reminder of the job he did, and the job ahead.


Bye-bye Bill: Carmody fired after 13 years

After 13 years of ups and downs - and no NCAA Tournament bids - Northwestern has finally had enough of Bill Carmody. He's been fired, and NU begins its first major coaching search in 13 years.


Carmody decision to come sooner rather than later

We still don't know whether or not Bill Carmody will be fired as Northwestern's head coach, but we do know that it won't take long for us to find out.

Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune has been all over the situation, and in his latest story - about how Carmody will soon find work in another job should he be fired - he indicated that we're very close to AD Jim Phillips' decision.

However Phillips decides — and most in and around the program would be stunned if Carmody is retained — Carmody can only hope the announcement comes soon.

"It's got to be tough for him," point guard Dave Sobolewski said Thursday. "(The coaches) don't know what's going to happen. We don't know what's going to happen. I think we'll know soon. I think Dr. Phillips will make a decision in the next couple of days."

Sobolewski said he had no inside knowledge but was basing his opinion on Phillips telling the Tribune he would take less time than last year's five-day evaluation.

Last year, Northwestern was eliminated from the NIT on March 16, losing to Washington in blowout fashion. We heard Bill Carmody would be returning for the next year in a press conference on March 22. If that was significantly longer than Phillips plans on taking, expect the axe to drop - or, you know, not drop - sometime this weekend, or perhaps at the latest Monday.

I think that's best for all parties involved. I, personally, can't take this anymore.

We'll be here, ready to talk about all the major implications for Northwestern basketball of whatever decision is made.

Other stuff:

- Rick Telander discusses the situation, and comes down Carmody

- Neil Hayes after Thursday night's loss.


Thursday Sips, ft. more Carmody talk

With the Big Ten Tournament today, we have to talk about Bill Carmody. There's other stuff too, but that's the key.


Monday sips, ft. CarmodyTalk and wrassling

There's a lot of stuff about Bill Carmody, both good and bad, and Northwestern has a Big Ten Champion in wrestling!


NU to consider Carmody's status after season

Once again, Northwestern will reconsider Bill Carmody's position as head basketball coach after another season where his team will fall short of the NCAA tournament. (Barring a miracle, of course.)


Bill Carmody, Alternate Histories, and Dumb Luck

After an embarrassing loss to Illinois that ensures another season with no NCAA tournament, the Bill Carmody hot seat talk is heating up. But this season, and the lack of NCAA tournament appearances, matter less than you'd think.

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