Austin Carr, Northwestern Wildcats Football, No. 89


Austin Carr is a walk-on wide receiver and one of two Nos. 89. Can he be a factor in ways not dealing with his singing voice?

I think the part of this series we pick up the most mockery for is that we actually profile all the players on the team - you know, not just the good ones and the ones we should spend our time profiling.

Well, shove it. We got ourselves 89 days until football season, and you're damned right we can't wait, and if we have to write profiles of walk-on wide receivers, we have to write profiles of walk-on wide receivers.

Up today: Austin Carr, a 6'1, 195-pounder from Benicia, California. READ ABOUT HIM AND LIKE IT.

Origin myth

Carr is from the Bay Area, and although he's a walk-on, he had some damn nice performances in high school: his high school's team MVP, Carr ran for nearly 1,500 yards, had nearly 900 yards receiving, and combined for 30 touchdowns, good enough to be first-team all conference. He also has some "only in a walk-on's player profile" information:

Also was a finalist in California State Poetry Out Loud Competition and was a school and county champion in the event ... Won Benicia's "Best Lead Actor" award for role as the Beast in "Beauty and the Beast"

That's right: Austin Carr is THE BEAST, something we will certainly remember if he ever does anything football-related.

At Northwestern

He done redshirted.

Anagram of choice

Discovering the true inner selves of the Wildcats through spelling

Austin Carr, anagrammed, is:


Say it ain't so, Austin. (Other options: Sir Car Tuna (insane member of the aristocracy), Artisan Cur (noteworthy because he plays music and football), A Runic Star, Nutria's car (big ol rodent method of transportation), carats ruin (mo money mo problems) and crania rust (what's happened to my brain since college))

Relevant musical selection

This time, the rare instance where the musical selection is provided by the player himself! Here's Austin at the student-athlete talent show, playing a medley of "Someone Like You" by Kings of Leon and "Ordinary People" by John Legend, and just generally stealing the hearts of women (and totally not any recently graduated sports bloggers with staunch records of heterosexuality) across Northwestern's campus:

/wins every sorority man pageant for the next 14 years

Number notables

89 belonged to Josh Rooks, a superback for quite a bit of time - he ended up setting Northwestern's record for most games played with 50, although that will very likely be broken if it hasn't already. He was in the blocking-and-short-passes vein of superbacketry, catching three touchdowns, notably one in the Mike Kafka game at Minnesota and one in the 2011 season opener against Vanderbilt.

Adventures in Googling difficulty

Austin Carr is not the most famous Austin Carr, trailing Austin Carr, a Notre Dame basketball great, NBA star, and the worst announcer in the league by leaps and bounds:

Can he ever make a difference?

Carr is one of three walk-on wide receivers, alongside Cermak Bland and Mike Jensen, although I believe Jensen might have since earned a scholarship. There is somewhat of a history of walk-ons receivers gaining notable roles - Zeke Markshausen went from nobody to the Wildcats leading receiver in 2010. It's not a position where some guys are clearly outsized, so there is potential for guys to gain roles if they're good route-runners and have hands and a modicum of speed. Jensen himself has carved out a bit of a position for himself, but we'll get to him in a few days.

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