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Mar 14, 2014

What a past 12+ hours for Northwestern fans. Less than two hours after the upset over Iowa, the Tribune broke the story about today’s major fundraising announcement. I have outlined all of the significant information below.

Go here for full detail:

-A summary from Chris Johnson

-The Chicago Tribune’s story on the fundraising campaign

-The Chicago Tribune’s story on the athletics angle

-The “We Will” fundraising page and video

-The statement on the athletics facility

Here is the summary on the overall campaign:

-The “We Will. The Campaign for Northwestern” started 18 months ago

-The goal is $3.75 billion, which includes $1.52 billion already raised since September 2011

-The campaign is raising money for facilities on the two campuses, scholarships, aid, endowed faculty positions, academic and research programs

-The four main new buildings cited are the lakefront athletic facilities, the new joint Kellogg and department of economics building next to the lakefill, the new joint music and communications building that is currently being constructed on the south lakefill and expected to finish in the spring of 2015, and a biomedical research building in Chicago on the former site of Prentice

-Other work referenced includes the new visitor’s center currently being constructed along the lake next to Clark Street beach, the improvements made to Deering Library, and $80 million in renovations to Kresge

-Per the Tribune, this is the largest fundraising effort ever attempted in the Chicago area

-Construction on the new Kellogg building is expected to begin in the next month or two
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Kevin Trahan
Dec 20, 2013

Northwestern’s previously scheduled 2014 game at Notre Dame appeared to be in jeopardy when the Fighting Irish announced that they had formed a new partnership with the ACC, stating that Notre Dame must play five ACC teams every year. That meant there was a possibility the Irish would be forced to drop one game among the group of Rice, Purdue, Northwestern and Michigan to make room on their schedule for another ACC game. However, when Notre Dame announced its 2014 schedule today, the Wildcats made the cut.

Only four ACC teams were listed, inconsistent with the original agreement, but ESPN’s Andrea Adelson explained the nuance:

The joint announcement, made Friday, is part of the scheduling agreement Notre Dame made with the ACC when it decided to join the league in all sports but football. Because of previous schedule commitments, Notre Dame will face four ACC teams in 2014. Wake Forest, initially scheduled to play Notre Dame in 2014, will now face the Irish in 2015 — giving Notre Dame six ACC games.

So it looks like NU’s 2014 football schedule is set. The Wildcats will play home games against Cal, Northern Illinois, Western Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Michigan and Illinois, and away games against Penn State, Minnesota, Iowa, Notre Dame and Purdue. That’s a pretty good schedule for NU fans. The Big Ten home slate of Wisconsin, Nebraska, Michigan and Illinois is intriguing, as are non-conference games against Cal and area MAC power NIU. Away games against Iowa, Notre Dame and Purdue are all easy to travel to.

There’s no word yet on NU’s 2018 home game against Notre Dame, but that game seemed less likely to be shelved than the 2014 on because it was planned so far in advance. Plus, it’s the other end of a home-and-home. So it looks like the Wildcats will avoid another Vanderbilt situation and avoid scrambling to find another MAC school to play.

Kevin Trahan
Dec 5, 2013

For better or for worse, college football fans have short memories, and Trevor Siemian has seen both the love and the hate. At the beginning of the season, fans were calling for him to be the full-time starter. By late October, they wanted him benched for good.

That kind of love/hate relationship comes with the territory when you’re a college football player — the backup quarterback tends to be the most popular guy on the team. But the time it took for Siemian to go from GOAT to goat — well, maybe not that far, but you get the point — is pretty astounding.

As I wrote back in October, there was probably a middle ground between the “never play Siemian” and “start him” crowds, and when both Siemian and Kain Colter were healthy. Northwestern’s coaches actually did a pretty good job of finding that balance. For what it’s worth, I always thought Colter should start, but Siemian should play, too, balanced the way they were during the first half of the Ohio State game.

However, injuries forced NU to play Siemian more than it would have liked in some instances, and less than it would have liked in others. So after a whirlwind season for the Wildcats’ “1.B.” quarterback, the majority of the fan base is calling for him to be demoted to full-time backup, replaced by a redshirt freshman, who has never taken a college snap. Of course, that redshirt freshman, Matt Alviti, has some impressive credentials. He was a four-star recruit and turned down Notre Dame and Nebraska to attend Northwestern, which certainly doesn’t happen every day.

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Kevin Trahan
Sep 17, 2013

For the second straight year, Northwestern will have a sports media alum as its Homecoming grand marshal. ESPN’s Mike Greenberg announced on his radio show “Mike and Mike in the Morning” that he would be will be this year’s grand marshal, a year after ESPN’s J.A. Adande held that honor.

Greenberg was an honorary captain for the Syracuse game and got NU some good publicity on College Gameday thanks to his presence. The Wildcats will get even more of it for the Homecoming game, which is a primetime kickoff against Ohio State. Mike and Mike in the Morning will also broadcast live from NU on October 4.

Chris Johnson
Jul 15, 2013

The biggest untapped talent in Northwestern’s passing game has managed to stay out of most people’s preseason evaluations of the Wildcats receiving corps. That could be a huge oversight if Cameron Dickerson finally gets the opportunities he needs to turn his immense athletic talents into his first productive college season.

Every eyewitness account of Dickerson this offseason implies he can; in spring practice, Dickerson routinely matched up with first team cornerbacks and routinely used his leaping and speed advantages to put said cornerbacks on the losing end of one-on-one battles. He may not be the fastest receiver on Northwestern’s roster – Tony Jones is the rightful owner of that crown this year – but he is the most athletically gifted, and if the Wildcats use those gifts to their advantage when designing passing plays, incorporating Dickerson as a primary target more frequently, the offense will get a jolt of individual perimeter playmaking it barely scratched last season.

Allow me take you back to Northwestern’s 2012 spring game. If you attended, or even read about the controlled scrimmage, there was one play everyone was talking about afterward. The simplest description, so as to not spoil the contents of the video below, is Dickerson beating Northwestern’s best corner, Nick VanHoose, on a 40-yard touchdown grab from Trevor Siemian. See for yourself:

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Jun 24, 2013

We’ve just passed the one-year mark of InsideNU’s existence, and as we move into our second year, we’re looking to add more features for our readers in order to give you the best possible experience with InsideNU. Our latest new feature is the InsideNU Newsletter, which will help fans make sure they don’t miss anything when it comes to Northwestern football, basketball or recruiting.

InsideNU is the only NU site on the Internet that offers comprehensive recruiting coverage for free, and the newsletter will make sure you never miss a beat on the recruiting scene. The newsletter will come out once a week and will be seasonally focused — football in the fall, basketball in the winter and football/recruiting in the spring and summer. You can see a preview of what the newsletter will look like here. Subscribe today by clicking here and giving us your name and email address, or just sending us an email at You won’t receive any other emails from InsideNU, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Don’t miss out on the latest NU sports information: become an NU insider today!

Jun 10, 2013

Superman is making a comeback on the big screen this summer, as Henry Cavill will be the latest in a long line of actors to play the character. Many people remember Dean Cain, who played the role in “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” on ABC from 1993 to 1997. However, most don’t know about Cain’s college football career, where he earned the nickname “Man of Steal” as a defensive back at Princeton. On one fateful day in 1986, Cain’s Princeton team played Northwestern in one of the oddest games in college football history. The Tigers had Superman, but the Wildcats had a pocket full of Kryptonite.

The strange story began during the darkest days of Northwestern football. Athletic Director Doug Single, a bright young assistant AD from Stanford, was hired in 1980 to lead the beleaguered athletic department. The football program was mired in its now-legendary 34 game losing streak, which would not end until 1982. Single realized that part of the problem was NU’s nonconference schedule. Instead of nonconference cupcakes, the schedule consisted primarily of major conference opponents such as Syracuse, Washington, and Arkansas. A nine-game Big Ten schedule (during the 11-game era) further aggravated the problem.

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