Northwestern depth chart: Geoff Mogus, Ian Park, Paul Jorgensen playing with the ones


Northwestern's finalized its offensive line, with redshirt freshman Ian Park earning himself a starting gig out of training camp.

Update: The initial report there might have been a bit quick to the trigger, but it seems like these are the guys in the drivers' seats.

Northwestern's offensive line is one of the biggest questions about the team after losing three starters, and although we don't know how effective this year's unit will be, we know who will play, as Pat Fitzgerald announced he's picked his starters. Per Wildcat Report

Ian Park at right guard is the only thing we didn't expect going into training camp. However, he's clearly impressed: we noted in our offensive guard position battle post that those at practices had praised his play. I had expected him to be a backup center, but with Brandon Vitabile really holding that position down, the redshirt freshman clearly showed he was too talented to keep off the field, so the switch was made to guard.

I had expected Frazier, a sophomore, to get the starting gig, but hadn't heard much about his play from those tweeting camp. Nice to see youth emerge -- hopefully Park is a starter for some time. Also his name still anagrams to PAIN ARK.

No surprise with Geoff Mogus, so this isn't bogus. Paul Jorgensen was in a battle with Shane Mertz, which we didn't get around to profiling before Fitz made his pick, but I thought that Jorg was gonna be the winner there. Of course, Vitabile is no surprise in the middle -- he should be all-Big Ten -- and Jack Konopka was known to be moving to left tackle.

O-Line is obviously hyper-important for every team, but it's the understated reason why Venric Mark and Kain Colter were so successful last year. I feel the promise in this unit -- every guy here was a well-regarded recruit, which you could never say about NU's lines in the past.

We've updated our Northwestern 2013 football depth chart to reflect this. Also, check out our countdown posts on each player:

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