Northwestern-WMU depth chart: Venric Mark bump down to co-starter, Kyle Prater back?

Jonathan Daniel

RUNNING BACK CONTROVERSY, except of course not, and now Kyle Prater is in the depth chart.

The depth chart for Northwestern's week 3 game against Western Michigan is out, and there are only two tweaks, but I feel like they're modestly important.

First off, Venric Mark is now listed as co-starter next to Treyvon Green and Mike Trumpy. Of course, this at face value is incredibly disingenuous: Mark is the starter, Green has filled in admirably while Mark is injured, and Trumpy is probably best described as a third-down back. But it does tell us Mark ain't quite up to full speed yet. That's fine. We are, after all, playing Western Michigan this week. I'm very much okay with him sitting out a little bit and getting back up to full speed so that he can be the tiny, speedy, wriggly beast he was all last year for Big Ten play. We'll need him then, even if Green is doing fine. Although it does hurt his stats, and end our nonexistent MARKFAST campaign as quickly as Persastrong died.


And Kyle Prater is back in the lineup! After being out for the first game and not on the second game's depth chart, he's listed as the backup X receiver after recording three catches against Syracuse. Obviously, it ain't KYLE PRATER, WORLD'S BEST WIDE RECEIVER, but at least he's contributing. Sadly for narrative lovers, he's behind Tony Jones, who has actually emerged as an incredibly talented receiver through the first two games, with 255 yards and two touchdowns, clearly Northwestern's feature dude. Prater ain't passing him there.

Starter Backup
QB 2 Kain Colter (Sr.)
13 Trevor Siemian (Jr.)
RB 5 Venric Mark (Sr.) OR 32 Mike Trumpy (Sr.) or 22 Treyvon Green (Jr.)
WR-X 6 Tony Jones (Jr.) 11 Kyle Prater (So.)
WR-Y 80 Mike Jensen (Sr.)
12 Cermak Bland (So)
WR-Z 17 Rashad Lawrence (Sr.) 19 Cameron Dickerson (So.)
WR-H 14 Christian Jones (Jr.) 82 Andrew Scanlan (Fr.)
SB 40 Dan Vitale (So.) 85 Mark Szott (So.)
LT 75 Jack Konopka (Jr.) 71 Shane Mertz (So.)
LG 53 Geoff Mogus (So.) 73 Adam DePietro (Fr.)
C 65 Brandon Vitabile (Jr.) 57 Matt Frazier (So.)
RG 64 Ian Park (Fr.) 65 Hayden Baker (Jr.)
RT 78 Paul Jorgensen (Jr.) 76 Eric Olson (Fr.)
DE 97 Tyler Scott (Sr.) 7 Ifeadi Odenigbo (Fr.)
DT 67 Sean McEvilly (Jr.) 90 C.J. Robbins (So.)
DT 99 Chance Carter(Jr.) 90 Will Hampton (Sr.)
DE 94 Dean Lowry (So.) OR 98 Deonte Gibson (So.)
SLB 45 Collin Ellis (Jr.) 42 Joseph Jones (Fr.)
MLB 46 Damien Proby (Sr.) 50 Timmy Vernon (Sr.) or 51 Jaylen Prater (Fr.)
WLB 44 Chi Chi Ariguzo (Jr.) 55 Drew Smith (So.)
CB 23 Nick VanHoose (So.) 13 C.J. Bryant (Jr.)
S 24 Ibraheim Campbell (Jr.) 16 Davion Fleming (Sr.) or 26 Terrance Brown (Fr.)
S 10 Traveon Henry (So.) 9 Jimmy Hall (Jr.)
CB 2 Dwight White (Fr.) 27 Matthew Harris (Fr.)
P 49 Brandon Williams (Sr.)
K (FG) 37 Jeff Budzien (Sr.)
KO 37 Jeff Budzien (Sr.)
LS 59 Pat Hickey (Sr.) 52 Chris Fitzpatrick (So.)
H 49 Brandon Williams (Sr.)
PR 6 Tony Jones (Jr.) 5 Venric Mark (Sr.)
KR 5 Venric Mark (Sr.) 8 Stephen Buckley (Fr.)
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