Tuesday Sips, Featuring Dueling Chi Chis


John Shurna officially has a Knicks jersey, and two of Northwestern's linebackers lay claim to the name 'Chi Chi".

Monday Sips, Featuring Luke Donald


A lot of people had a lot of things to say about Kain Colter after his 100-yard receiving, 100-yard rushing day on Saturday, while Luke Donald is a jerk for being British and not American.

Friday Sips, Featuring (MLB) hazing


Tyris Jones is our running back and learned not to punch people and wants to run for public office, plus some other stuff including more people thinking we can be Big Ten Champions and me ignoring...

Thursday Sips, Featuring Mixtapes, y'all!


Some links from the Northwestern webs, including my friend's mixtape that you definitely should listen to.

Wednesday Sips, Featuring Cloning Fitz


A roundup of Northwestern links, where everybody wants to find out what's wrong with the Big Ten.

Tuesday Sips


Northwestern jersey sales have increased, a look at teams on their bye before facing Northwestern, and Northwestern's defensive coordinator looks like Walter White.

Friday Sips, Featuring Traveon Henry, Brian Arnfelt, and Venric Mark's Fake Heisman Campaign


Someone kind of thinks Venric Mark should be the Heisman Trophy winner, plus some profiles on NU players ahead of the team's game against South Dakota.

Thursday Sips, Featuring Redesign! !!! !!!!!!!!!


A look around the Northwestern interwebs on a Thursday... where not much is happening.

Wednesday Sips, Featuring Chili's, Yankton, and Miller High Life


The defensive line films dinner at Chili's and more from the day in Northwestern internets.

Tuesday Sips, Featuring Train, More Jeff Budzien, and Talkin Bout Practice (Uniforms)


Happy... uh... second day of Rosh Hashanah, guys! The JBudz Appreciation Tour Continues: Jeff Budzien continues to get alarming amounts of hype, getting a shout-out in this week's Forde Yard Dash,...

Monday Sips, Featuring Jeff Budzien, Demetrius Fields' Colorblindness, and Venric Mark's Confusing Heisman Hype


Jeff Budzien is one of the best kickers in the country, so he should get a trophy. At least for this week. That and other Northwestern football links.

Friday Sips, Featuring Ethering @RealSkipBayless, NU Bears, And More

Predictions coming up in a bit, let's yell at Skip Bayless! Skipping, still illegal in Evanston: There are few people the sports world dislikes as strongly as Skip Bayless. Unfortunately, being...

Thursday Sips, Featuring Jeff Budzien's Range and Jeremy Ebert in the NFL Again

Northwestern kicker Jeff Budzien says he's extended his range, Jeremy Ebert is on the Eagles, and other Northwestern Wildcats links.

Wednesday Sips, Featuring Fatheads, A Tribe Called Quest, #TeamTrevor and #TeamKain

Kain Colter and Trevor Siemian are competing for a starting job - or are they? - RB Venric Mark can dunk, and other stuff.

Tuesday Sips, Featuring Pee, The Little Ten, And More Shurnsanity

Links about the Northwestern Wildcats, including more on John Shurna signing with the Knicks, a new home for Trai Essex, and injury updates.

Monday Sips, Featuring Skip Bayless, Le Havre, and B1G Stink

News on the Northwestern Wildcats, including Chi Chi Ariguzo winning player of the week honors and former PG Juice Thompson signing to play in France.

Friday Sips, Featuring Carly Rae Jepsen, Nerds, and Death

Northwestern-Vanderbilt is only a day away you guys!

Thursday Sips, Featuring DDR, Nigerians, and Chet Haze

Two days til more football! NotW coming up later, guys. The Venric Mark appreciation tour continues: Just a day after we found out he was just being Miley, Venric found himself interviewed again: M...

Wednesday Sips, Featuring Miley Cyrus, Dog Poop, and The Chicago Maroons

Northwestern fights off claims that it is not Chicago's Big Ten Team while its Week 1 MVP jams to Top 40.

Tuesday Sips, Featuring Al Capone, Port-o-potties, and Smarter People Than Me

A breakdown of stuff going on around Northwestern football and other sports n stuff.

Labor Day Sips, Featuring Ifeadi Odenigbo, NFL Massacres, and It's

Links, including some dumb awards, depth chart news, and NFL roster cuts.


A bunch of links with a day to go, including injury reports, .gifs, and mustaches.

Thursday Sips, Featuring Northwestern's Conference Basketball Schedule, and FOOTBALL

A buncha links, including a conference basketball schedule and lots of stuff about Syracuse.

Wednesday Sips, Featuring Jay-Z, Heat, and Ties

There's a great highlight video and some inter-ESPN tomfoolery in today's links.

Tuesday Sips, Featuring Cuts, Stress, And Almost Football

Northwestern's coach is really coy and its students are really stressed, while its alumni NFL players are still on rosters. For the most part.

Monday Sips, Where Pro Dreams And Urinals Are Being Smashed, Plus GAME WEEK and Big Daddy Kane

A few links from around the web about Northwestern, including insight into the process behind our QB's wonderful name and some very depressing NFL news.

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