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Some Out-of-Conference Tidbits


Yesterday I touched on how bad our out-of-conference opponents this year are. I mentioned how none had winning records last year, and how all have new head coaches, who have never been college head...

Get Rich or Play Towson


I'm not a betting man. (Medill folk: are sports journalists even allowed to? Seems like that would be sorta unethical, right?) My last foray into betting was a monthlong NBA centsports addiction...

Explain yourselves.


So, 42 of you sick people have voted in the poll over on the right. If you haven't yet, go.But here's the point of this post: 26 of those people, like me, think Syracuse is the team to fear off the...



Remember sunday, when I said I'd post every single day until football season? I meant it, but I probably should've put a caveat saying "except days when I inexplicably don't have internet access."...

Trifecta of Doom: Towson, the Big Ten Network, and Northwestern being Northwestern.


Title ominous enough for you?Anyway, I know it's messed up to complain about Northwestern's television situation: I'd think I lost the right to do so after watching the NU-UC Riverside game on an...

The Two-Deep is out.


Well, for those of you who read my "One Less Day Till Football Season" posts all summer long, now's your opportunity to see how wrong my predictions were. The two-deep is out.I'd say the main...

I think we're going to disappoint Towson.


Towson is an FCS school that runs a football program, year-in, year-out, with little glamor or glitz. As noted about a billion times, they've only played one FBS school in team history, and that...

It's What You've All Been Waitin For, Ain't It: Week One.


So tomorrow, we play Towson. The word surrounding our gameplan this week is likely to be "vanilla", and that's a great thing.Last year's starting skill position players on offense had about three...

Gettin Familiar With: Towson Football.


I told y'all bout Towson, now to find out about the football team. This is a photo of ex-Tiger Jermon Bushrod. It's not related to this at all, but it is by far the coolest picture ever taken of...

Next on the Chopping Block: Towson.


Four times this year, and, well, every year, NU plays an out-of-conference opponent. The question arises: who are these guys? Some people only want to know who they are in a football sense, but to...

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