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The Bestest Present Ever!

Tomorrow's gonna be my real-life birfday, and, knowing me as well as they do, the Big Ten Network got me something even better than anything Jeremih could give me: a day of all NU programming, which will start at 5:00 this morning and will go until 5:00 tomorrow morning.

Of course, like everything else the Big Ten Network does, there's no way I can watch it, I don't know where I could, and quite frankly, even if I knew, I probably wouldn't, because I have better things to do than watch poorly produced repeats of collegiate sports programming, plus the fact that a network completely dedicated solely to airing the goings on of a collegiate athletic conference might be the stupidest idea in the history of ideas. But, hey, 24 hours of NU sports! Get ready!

So this is what's on tap for NU Day on the BTN: Highlights include this years' MSU game, the 1995 Penn State game, the MSU game from two years ago, the 2000 Michigan game, Michael Jenkins' game winner against Iowa, some women's tennis, and, for some reason, the first half of this relatively unimportant softball doubleheader I got to cover.

So, check it out. I personally will be doing more interesting things, but if this floats your boat, more power to you, check it out. And if you can't, well, great news: this is only the second of three times that the BTN will be doing this this summer. It's almost like they're running out of things to show, but that can't possibly be true, considering the athletic happenings of 11 universities is certainly worthy of 365 days of 24 hour programming every year.