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Coach Fitz!!!

I wrote last week a little bit about how excitable Coach Pat Fitzgerald is. I think there's no better display of this than his twitter feed, which is handily linked to in the links column on the right side, but which, to be honest, I hadn't really analyzed, or checked, that much, until I got curious today.

As Twitters go, it's a pretty decent one - few spelling mistakes, clearly done by Fitz himself, and extremely Fitz-like. It's filled with all-caps, and most of all, exclamation points.

In his last 20 posts, the man has 24 exclamation points. (!) That's 1.2 per post. Although it drops off a bit as the posts get older - he only has 91 in his last 100 posts, then again, maybe that's because most of his recent posts are about his induction to the hall of fame, which would get me pretty hyped and exclamation point-y - he's still a freakin' prolific exclaimer.

Considering one of the main reasons Fitz is an NU folk hero is his preposterous intensity quotient, it's good to see his online persona punctuates things exactly the way I picture him talking.