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A few quick site notes -

- I was at a Yankees game the other night, and for some reason, my friend and I couldn't get a "Go U!" chant started when Joe Girardi made the most graceful, well-educated pitching change in managerial history. To the 50,000 other Yankees fans in attendance Thursday: consider yourselves officially disowned as NU fans. Girardi's pitching change was probably too sophisticated for all of y'all anyway. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go pay 18 dollars for a packet of mustard.

- Due to my constant desire to make it look like more than 3 people read this site, I'm going to permanently leave various polls over in the sidebar. Stupid stuff, but, I'd appreciate if you'd all play along with it. I'ma write about em, too. As you can see, this poll is about the summer competitions our NU athletes are participating this summer, and, as you can tell, if you're not with us, you're against us. I voted for Trinidad and Tobago -because, come on, it's Trinidad and Tobago - even though their tournament is over, but more on that later.

- The results of the last poll were that 18 of you like NU sports, none of you like sizzurp, and none of you like my writing. Damn.

- I wanna have discussions in the comments, but, just don't have enough readers yet cuz I'm just starting out. So, if you've been commenting, keep it up. If you haven't, well, you disgust me and I hate you.

- (I kid.)

Anyway, back tomorrow, discussing the O-Line, so people, get ready.