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John Shurna is having a block party...

Yesterday, Johnny and the USA national team advanced to the semifinals with a 93-73 victory over our neighbors to the north. Shurna continued his good play with an amazing line: 13 minutes, 10 points on 3-4 shooting, 3 rebounds... AND FOUR BLOCKS!


You didn't see Shurna, did you, Canadian guy?
But he was there. He's always there. Just waiting to swat the crap out of you. Don't turn around, Canadian guy. He's sitting behind you. Right now. Waiting for you to shoot something.
(Shurna deduction technique: there are three white men on team USA. Two of them had no blocks against Canada. The other was John Shurna.)
(Of course, this could be a photo of a highly contested rebound, meaning it might not be Shurna. Let's move on.)

My advice to the Canadian guy: don't shoot.

John Shurna celebrates a block in a game against Canada on Friday

From anybody, 4 blocks in 13 minutes is huge. From an NU player, four blocks in 13 minutes against a relatively high level of competition is downright Manute Bol-ian.

Shurna and the Shurnettes take on Croatia today - no hard feelings, Ivan Peljusic - at 8:30 PM, New Zealand time. Uhhh, set your alarm clocks?