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Explain yourselves.

So, 42 of you sick people have voted in the poll over on the right. If you haven't yet, go.
But here's the point of this post: 26 of those people, like me, think Syracuse is the team to fear off the out of conference bunch. I can see why. They're a Big East team, they've got a top recruit, if you can call him that, starting under center, and we'll be on the road.
Four other people voted for that last choice, the "I'm not scared of anybody" choice.

But the other 12 of y'all? Two each for Towson and Eastern Michigan, and a whopping eight for Miami (OH). I'm confused. I could see the "we lost to them in 1995" thing affecting some of your thought processes re: Miami, and if that's true, say so, but, still, folks, I want explanations, because I'm not quite sure why those schools might seem frightening.

Folks, we have a comments section below. Use it. If I don't get a comment from anybody, I'll assume the 12 people who voted for those schools are operatives sent from MAC athletic departments to destroy us.