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It's Been Fun

I watched a few innings of the Yanks-White Sox game last night, and about four minutes after I turned it on, in the third inning, Al Leiter was talking about his college choices, how he was going to go to Stanford, and, because he was in Chicago, Michael Kay brought up NU as a good school in the area, followed by an obligatory shot of Joe Girardi, and the revelation that Leiter toured NU whiel Girardi was still a player, and that Girardi's coach came to visit for the first game of the Yanks-Sox series.

Leiter said, "Northwestern's not Fordham, but it's a good school."
Kay retorted thus: "Oh, yeah, it's outstanding. It's like an Ivy League school."

In 19 years on this earth, I've discovered two constants in life:
1. White people with dreads are terrifying.
2. If Michael Kay thinks it's good, it's actually bad.

It is with this that I announce my intention to transfer from Northwestern to another institution of higher learning, and to cease blogging. Peace. It's been real.

(Dear readers/NU administration: satire. Please, keep reading/PLEASE ALLOW ME TO CONTINUE ATTENDING YOUR UNIVERSITY IT WAS A JOKE I SWEAR)