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Summer's Over.

It doesn't seem like it. It's 90 degrees outside, will be for some more time. And while essentially every other college in the country is starting in the coming week or so, it's still about three weeks until new freshmen arrive in Evanston for the time-honored tradition of assembling in packs of 20 or 30 kids and awkwardly wandering around town trying to find Noyes St.

But on the NU sports calendar, summer ends today. A women's soccer game wouldn't normally be the cause for much hype around here, but, today, there's a women's soccer game against Milwaukee. And that, my friends, signifies that the fall sports schedule has officially commenced. According to sports schedules, it's fall, and fall means college, and college means college sports, and college sports means college football.

So to all the NU students out there, saying goodbye to their friends leaving town for their colleges, reading college-related facebook status updates, and the like - well, we're one day closer, people.