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Welcome Tony Jones!

I don't write about recruiting much, because it's sort of creepy talking about how 16 year olds feel about colleges - I can't imagine how sucky it must have been to see websites with headlines saying "Sherman chooses to apply early" when I was doing that whole process - but since it's Friday, I'm lazy, and there's relevant news, I'm running with it.

Tony Jones, a highly-touted 3-star wide out from Grand Blanc, Michigan, will be NU's 8th class of 2010 recruit. He called a press conference today - something I wish more NU recruits would do, it's cool - to announce he'd choose the Wildcats over MSU and Stanford. (Eat it, Harbaugh!) So, I've fulfilled my posting obligations for today - this is great news for the Cats, so have a good one.