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Just got back after two days out of town, felt like it would be a good time to remind you that there are only nine days left until college football season.

I also feel like pointing out that Craig Moore has a blog, and that it's better than mine. Dude could probably be an observational stand-up comic. For some reason, I always picture guys who are really, really good shooters as being devoid of personality, due to the inherent practice it takes to become that good at shooting, but, Craig proves me wrong, because he's really, really funny. (On the other hand, Kyle Korver is still a farmboy from Nebraska who enjoys playing in Utah, so, I guess I'm half-right.)

In Northwestern news, Will Hampton, a Texan defensive tackle, decommitted from Stanford to choose between Northwestern and Notre Dame, and chose Northwestern because we have a better football team. That immense crushing sound is either the oncoming apocalypse or the toilet flushing in Jim Harbaugh's $50,000 bathroom. (Fifty g's can buy you some serious water pressure.)
(And, yes, I know, you read this at LTP already. But man, I was out of town. Cut me some slack. I'll have new, interesting posts from now til the season opener, plus maybe one later to make up for not having one yesterday.)