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Apologies to the Big Ten Network

Earlier in the week, I said that I was having difficulty finding the Towson-Northwestern game on my cable box, even though I was able to find every other game possible.
Well, since then, my TV box has apparently updated, and the game has appeared on upcoming schedule, tomorrow at noon, listed under "Big Ten Football". I'm sorry for the widespread panic I probably caused, and for underestimating the Big Ten Network. For all its faults, the BTN really is a great resource for fans of the conference's 11 schools. They outcover pretty much everybody, and they make it possible for a fan of a school with 8,000 kids in Illinois living in New York to watch their school's silly little cupcake home opener. And if that wasn't enough, apparently, all those Rotel queso ads absolutely rake in cash for the schools. (My personal favorite ads on the BTN are the ones for Solo cups, as if college students hadn't heard.)
That being said, I'm not going to pay money to get a channel that I'll get in my dorm room for free in two weeks, also, I'd rather watch the game in a sports bar with, you know, other people, than in my own room.