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Like any true blooded American, I watched a little bit of the Steelers/Titans matchup last night.

Anyway, at one point, I heard Al Michaels mention that Jason Jones was absolutely working Trai Essex. In fact, I hadn't noticed it, but Jones, the Titans' defensive end, was matched up against Essex, the Steelers' starting right guard. This was such an important matchup that the Observer-Reporter, a southwest Pennsylvanian paper, chose to highlight it as the thing to watch for in the game. And sure enough, Jones had just beasted around Essex for a 19-yard sack of Ben Roethlisberger.

The upshot of this? Jones, a second round draft pick in last year's draft, went to Eastern Michigan. Essex, on the other hand, is an NU grad, and still probably the only person in NU history named "Trai".

The upshot of that, of course, is that we're playing EMU tomorrow, in football, which is the sport Essex and Jones were playing.

My advice? Panic. Stock up on perishable goods and tape your windows and all that good stuff. In terms of omens, the sack by an EMU DE against an NU o-lineman two days before those schools play is the equivalent of opening a ladder indoors because you need to protect yourself from falling shards of glass from a mirror you just broke that was being held by a black cat on a ladder that you're walking under.

If you don't have a bomb shelter, start digging.