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Ever wonder what an EMU football game looks like?

Here's your answer: a highlight reel of the Eagles' game 27-14 loss to Army on Saturday.

Judging from the video, EMU will be the most pixellated team Northwestern has faced since our 2001 matchup against the Goombas from the Super Mario Bros video game for the original NES, and we all remember how that turned out.

One of the many sacks by the goomba d-line that caused NU's quarterbacks to jump off the screen while flailing their arms.

Besides the low video quality and cliché music selection (which I still find cool in conjunction with NU videos, for some reason), you can take things away from the video.
First off, seeing that whole messed up Army triple-option thing shows you that the way Army gained yards on the ground is a lot different from the way NU will attempt to, so EMU's rush defense isn't as weak as the stats would make them seem. They still look pretty bad though.

On the other hand, Andy Schmitt, who put up rather gaudy stats last year out of an extreme spread offense, looks like a gunslinger of the Rex Grossman variety, getting a lot of air under passes he probably shouldn't be throwing in the first place, but, he does, and it led to EMU's only two touchdowns of the day. He throws four long balls in the clip, and I like to think that Mabin n Mcmanis make those four throws into three picks and a knockdown, whereas Army turned it into two picks and two long completions. Either way, those two should be preparing for loads of deep balls (pause) out of the gun, but, then again, they'll probably be taking a nice long rest during the second half against an opponent of this caliber, so they shouldn't be too worried.