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Monday Stuff

So, yeah, like I said, BIG THINGS POPPIN on this site in the next few days. So keep your eyes out, keep coming back. Here's just a short post:
  • As you probably done heard, NU landed a serious basketball prospect, for the first time in the history of Northwestern sports. Jershon Cobb, a 4-star recruit from Atlanta, committed to the Wildcats yesterday. Cobb is one of several elite prospects from who were contemplating NU, and the first to commit. (the rest are in the class of 2011, Cobb is 2010.) (By the way, if we land 1/5 of the guys we're in the running for in 2011, it will be hands-down the best class in NU history. It's that good. We're recruiting two five-star players in the top 20 rankings nationally. Yeah, poop your pants, folks.) I personally am ecstatic, as noted, basketball is my sport, so this definitely dampens the football thing. Tavaras Hardy has done absolute wonders for Northwestern as a recruiter - Carmody's weakness at NU has always been his utter inability to handle recruiting. And if he has actual tourney-level talent on his team, thanks to Hardy, he might actually turn into a successful basketball coach. 'Cuse loss aside, it's a good time to be an NU sports fan. By the time I graduate from this school in June 2012, Northwestern will have gone to an NCAA tournament. Book it.
  • New poll up - can we be a little less homer-y this time? (That being said, I'm voting NU.)
  • I realized what went wrong on saturday: when Ryan Lichtenstein, Syracuse's nervous freshman kicker, was getting prepared to take the biggest field goal of his life, NU should've sent redshirt freshman defensive tackle Evan Luxenburg over to the Syracuse sidelines to engage Lichtenstein in conversation about what its like to have last names that really sound like small European nations, but were slightly misspelled in some way. He could've started calling him bro right off the bat, even though they've never met, and discussed how people always spell his name like the country, and he always has to correct them, and then asked him if he has the same problem, and, bro - we're bros, right - it's so annoying, right? What language to they speak in Liechtenstein anyway? German? Yeah, something like that, I don't even know. Less people have probably heard of Liechtenstein than Luxembourg, so you probably don't run into that problem a lot, though, right bro? Bro? Oh, you're about to kick a field goal, it's cool, go ahead we're bros, just don't tell your teammates about our "bros whose names sound a lot like small European nations beginning with the letter L" club, cuz they'll get angry at us. Oh, what's that, I'm getting in your head? You're about to shank the field goal?
  • The fact that I typed all of that isn't a good sign for my mental health. But it totally would've worked.

So yeah, keep it locked and loaded here, as noted, big things are popping. Names of the week tomorrow, and I promise that Minnesota has the best damn names of any football team in the country.