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One. Day.

A different Youtube video every day, just to get you sufficiently pumped.

I saved the best for last. Ten minutes of solid dramatic music set to every highlight from the 2008 season, except none of the highlights from games we lost. For ten straight minutes. Yes.

T-minus 24, folks. T-minus 24. And think about this. Watch that video.

Did you watch it? Ten less minutes to football season now than there were when you started.

College football last night was actually pretty boring, but hey. I always find myself in the first few weeks of the season rooting for every team with slightly more votes in the AP poll than NU to lose, and that wish came true with NC State and their multitude of ten votes coming up short, although I was disappointed with ranked Utah and Boise State beating lesser opponents. (I also pull for every team in another BCS conference to lose to non-BCS opponents, but unfortunately, Iowa State wasn't really troubled by North Dakota State.
On the Big Ten front, Indiana... sort of represented, taking down Eastern Kentucky, 19-13, so my 19-13 pick was close, I guess. However, I set a bad precedent picking a score for that game. I will, however, be picking the Big Ten games in a quick post later today, and, guess what, I got two more posts coming up too!
I've been posting up a storm recently, and it's not stopping any time soon. So check back later.