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some quick site stuff

Got an EMU prediction/gameplan post coming up momentarily, but, just figured I gotta get some quick things out of the way.

First off, since I'm a journalist and hate putting out wrong stuff, I feel like pointing out that some of the stuff I wrote in the first EMU post about attendance issues at Eastern Michigan was sort of off, so much so that jhodges did me a favor and commented with more precise information, so, check that out.

It appears I missed some decent EMU names, and I'm proud of my readership for scouting out rosters. The DeMaster brothers, Dan and Kyle, have honorable mention-worthy names, as pointed out by an anonymous commenter. Honorable mention-worthy: they're no competition for the 1-2 punch of Paopao and Lorenzo Seaberry III. (And, yes, I've already picked out the winner for Syracuse.)

I added another blog to the blogroll on the right: Craig Moore's, which, at first, I thought would just be another one of those "hey, I'm an athlete with a computer!" joints which features compelling post titles like "Big game today!" and "Tired after practice", and didn't feel like I needed to link to it. But Craig's got it goin on. I rarely laugh at things on the internet, but I actually did chuckle at his "my shot is like a nice girl" line. He's already well on the road to surpassing Rod Benson as the world's best minor-league basketball player blogger, but I think he needs to pump out some rap music to get to the top.

The NU vs. EMU poll closes at midnight, so, if you haven't voted, and don't want EMU to pull out a come-from-55-behind poll victory in the late hours of the night tonight, go over to the right side of the page and do that.