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Tuesday Things

Some stuff:
  • Okay, so, first off, I have to acknowledge the fact that I've officially begun to OD on the polls. I've started posting them critters at a rate of like, eight a day, and its too much for them to be meaningful, interesting, or worthy of your votes. To those of you have been voting, thanks, but from here out, the polls will occur regularly, but with a more precise schedule. From here to infinity, this is how we chill: there will be two polls a week. The first will be a simple "who's going to win on Saturday", and will be posted on Monday and left up until Friday at midnight. The other one will be something I'll discuss in a post in a few hours, and judging from the feedback I've gotten so far, I think it's something you'll like.
  • I've added another site to the blogroll: Spread Far The Fame, a new blog that's pretty funny and generally impressive. My only issue is that with Ryan from that blog, Ryan from Welsh-Ryan Ramblings, Pat Ryan, Ryan Field, Welsh-Ryan Arena, and Jeff Ryan, I'm confused. So go over there, and check it out. But come back. Please, baby, don't leave.
  • NU released its basketball schedule, and its great for people who are allergic to RPI. NU has one away non-conference game (@ NC State) and two neutral site games (vs. Notre Dame, vs. Iowa State or St. Louis). And that's it. And outside of Stanford and Butler, the teams we play at home are no great shakes, or even good shakes for that matter. With 8 games against non-conference schools with marginal basketball programs, NU is staring down the barrel of a 20-win season if they take care of those games and win a little more than half of the rest.
  • If some of the emails in my inbox are correct, than new students arrive on campus today. If you're a freshman, and you're reading this, first off, NERD!, and second off, congrats, and enjoy the heck out of the next week, because its a blast, and then also enjoy the next four years after that, because the 1/4th of it I've gotten through has been pretty good too.
So yeah, I've got two posts for y'all later today, and also, two polls.