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Two Days/I'm an Idiot

A different youtube video every day, just to get you sufficiently pumped.

Props to whoever recorded this. There's nothing like a college football student section (except maybe a college basketball student section), and while the season starts in two days, the quarter system means I've got another three weeks until I get to stand on metal bleachers and go hoarse, and that's sort of depressing.

For those of you wondering about the "I'm an idiot" portion of the title, well, you'll notice that yesterday I had a post saying "four days" and today I have a post saying "three days."
Well, last saturday, I had a post saying "Seven Days" because I looked and saw it was a week from football season. However, it took until today for me to actually look at a calendar and realize, "hey, that countdown means there's still a day left on saturday", which is stupid. I'm not counting down to sunday.

Anyway, yes, I'm an idiot. In my defense, I'm a journalism student, and therefore, haven't taken a math class since high school, haven't gotten above a C+ in a math class since tenth grade, and haven't gotten a B in math... ever. (I'm proud to be one of the few Northwestern students who says they got bad grades and means it. I assume this means I'm amongst the top five journalists of all time, but I'll leave that for you to decide.)

In other news, college football starts tonight! In even better news, Big Ten football starts tonight! Indiana plays Eastern Kentucky, and if this game took place two years ago, and was basketball, and you changed the word "Eastern" to "Western", I'd totally watch it, and it would be on the news as a matchup of potential tourney teams. Sadly, none of those things are the case.
Eastern Kentucky is sort of an FCS powerhouse - 31 consecutive winning seasons - and Indiana is sort of a FBS, well, whatever the opposite of powerhouse is (slaughterhouse? crackhouse?), so expect it to be closer than your average I-A vs. I-AA matchup.
I'm going Indiana, 24, EKU, 17. Watch a bit and switch over toe the Oregon-Boise State matchup. You gotta pull for the Hoosiers, because you never, ever want your future opponents to drop a game (or nine) to FCS squads.
It also should be noted that Indiana added a little over 3,000 seats to Memorial Stadium in the offseason, pushing the difference in size between our stadiums from about 2100 to about 5500. I'm not sure what the purpose of this was, but suffice it to say, with a hot start to the year and good student support at Ryan Field, who knows, maybe Indiana will challenge for the 2009 edition of the prestigious Big Ten's Most Empty Seats award, which NU has won handily pretty year ever. Sadly, short of back-to-back NU Rose Bowls or a snap decision by Purdue to move all their home games to el Estadio Azteca, I think NU will probably be the frontrunner for this trophy for a long time.