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Monday Sips

It's Monday. Time for a dumb links post.


  • As always after w's, a highlights video.
  • OK, now here's a link to that same video, but queued up to play at exactly the moment Demetrius Dugar murders somebody.  I thought you'd enjoy that.
  • By the way, I was really worried that because the highlights NUBears pumps out generally only feature NU highlights, that Stefan Demos' Yepremian hurl might be lost to eternity, but luckily enough, it's included in the game summary portion at the end of the video. Now we'll be able to show our childrens' children.
  • As someone who goes to journalism school, a lot of the time and watch games and think, "hey, how would I write this game story." One thing that never crossed my mind this week was "man, this game was very museum-like", but don't tell that to the writers from the Sun-TimesTrib, or Skip Myslenski from, who all dropped museum or art metaphors in their opening lines. I'm starting to think there was some press box betting going on to see who could drop the least awkward museum segue into their story. I'd say Skip wins.
  • A lot of you (read: none of you) probably noticed that I didn't update the Fitz intense-o-meter last week, like I said I'd do every monday. Well, there's an explanation for this: after the Purdue win, I used our non-conference game week to recalibrate the machine I use to detect how intense Pat Fitzgerald is at any given moment to make it more precise. Where it used to only be able to track how intense he was on a scale of 0-10 going by ones, now I can track how intense he is any given week to the tenths place, allowing us to comprehend decimals of Pat Fitzgeralds' intensity. This week, after a win, but heading into an relatively important toss-up conference game, my readout is telling me that Fitz is having a 6.4. Symptoms: the on-and-off ability to detect where things are via sonar.
  • HTP upgraded us to a 56% chance of making a bowl. Cool. I guess. Rivalry Esq still has us in the Pizza bowl, which, at this point, we can't be disappointed with, as horrifying as it is. 
  • Also, here's how I voted in the Rivalry Esq Big Ten power poll:
  1. Iowa
  2. Ohio State
  3. Penn State
  4. Wisconsin (by default) 
  5. Michigan
  6. Minnesota
  7. Michigan State
  8. Northwestern
  9. Indiana
  10. Purdue
  11. Illinois

Agree, disagree, or tell me other things I shoulda linked to in the comments. Come back tomorrow for the Name of the Week - MSU has some good ones, but no doozies.