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Friday Sips

Been meanin to do one of these for about four days, so, let's get to it:


  • First off, depth chart: Stephen Simmons is No. 1, so, no offense to the others, but, we might actually see some semblance of a running game this week. But in "oh, crap" news, Brendan Smith is out. Brian Peters looked great - nay, phenomenal - vs. Miami of Ohio last week, but allow me to be worried, because it was the first time in his career he'd ever looked good. 
  • With regards to this: I'm hoping its some sort of sick elaborate joke. Because it's not funny, and it's not helpful for marketing the team, and it's not something whoever came up with it shouldn't be embarrassed about. We will never speak of this again. 
  • I wrote up a post about how joyous it was that we'd probably never play a bowl game in Detroit ever again after the 2010-13 bowl schedule came out Tuesday, then after I wrote it, I read an article about how they're probably going to still have a Big Ten tie-in, anyway. I would go bang my head against the wall or something, but instead I'll just listen to a sampler of Detroit musicians such as the Insane Clown Posse and Kid Rock, I hear they have relatively similar effects to your brain cells. (that original post had some Em and Marvin Gaye youtube videos at the bottom, cuz it's how I roll, but somewhere along the line, Detroit's music industry went the same way as, well, their car industry.)
  • I think a lot of things about the Skip Myslenski... articles? is that what you call them? that go up at, and I generally don't say most of them. But I will say that the piece he did with Morton Schapiro is really interesting, at least towards the bottom. It provides an interesting analysis of why we have sports teams anyway, which is something I wonder a lot, but more importantly, Schapiro gives his own breakdown of why he's a sports fan and how he justifies (as I have often tried to do) spending so much time watching sports that have no bearing on my life. So it earned me even more respect his way. 
  • Of course, I lost that respect with the revelation that Schapiro, like me, grew up a Jets fan, which is awesome, but then, unlike me, decided to become a Patriots fan when his friend Robert Kraft bought the team. Dude, it doesn't work that way. If my grandma bought the Celtics, I might start thinking about switching grandmas before switching teams. (Just kidding, but, grandma, if you're reading, which is unlikely because you don't own a computer, don't buy the Celtics.)
  • A few weeks ago, I wrote this jawn about how teams need to stop making us their homecoming opponent. Well guess what day it is tomorrow in East Lansing?  

Well, I'm not from Florida, but, what up, fam? Seriously, MSU? Do I have to do this whole spiel again? Anyway, we're 1-0 in opposing homecoming games this year, so let's go out and make it 2-0 tomorrow. For what it's worth, the dude who sang the hook to that song was at NU last week, and probably hasn't been at Michigan State any time recently, so I like our chances.

Two more posts comin up!