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Brendan Smith Memorial Picks, Week 5

Not sure why today is Sippin on Purple's first day of way too many posts, but, scroll down for stuff on how we're always homecoming guests and then another one on Ryan Field not hosting the Olympics, plus, I'm not even done yet. But anyway, here goes: picks.


11 AM: No. 22 Michigan @ Michigan State

I like Forcier against a weak Michigan State pass defense. It's disconcerting that it's the Wolverine's first road game, but, nah, not happening. 

Pick: Michigan

Pick in a mascot fight to the death: The wolverine is relatively fearsome, but the Spartan has a sword, and I don't think the wolverine is going to be the animal to overtake the Spartan. Game, MSU. (mascot death fight records: Spartans, 5-0, Wolverines, 2-3)

11 AM: Wisconsin @ Minnesota

No analysis here, I've been saying Wisconsin is playing better than they are all year long and I'm going to keep saying it until they lose. 

PIck: Minnesota

Pick in a mascot fight to the death: A battle of furry mammals goes to the one with claws. Game, Wisconsin. (Mascot death fight records: Badgers, 2-3, Golden Gophers, 1-4)

11:05 AM: Arkansas State @ Iowa

I cannot think of a single thing in Arkansas better than that equivalent thing in Pennsylvania, and "football teams of schools whose names are that state, then the word 'State'" are not excepted from that. And Iowa beat Penn State last week. And now they play Arkansas State. I rest my case.

My guess as to what Arkansas State's mascot is, without looking: the Bulls. Not sure why, but I'm 100% confident on this.

What it actually is: The Red Wolves. Hey, Arkansas State, I saw a red wolf once. It's called a fox. (upon googling, the red wolf is an actual animal, and is endangered.)

Pick: Iowa

PIck in a mascot fight to the death: Still unclear on what a hawkeye is. Not clear what a red wolf is, but confident it could kill whatever a hawkeye is. Game, Arkansas State. (Hawkeyes mascot death fight record: 0-5)

2:30: No. 15 Penn State @ Illinois

Illinois will essentially play the role of "cupcake out-of-conference opponent" this week against Penn State, but it will count in league standings. Hey, that was our job!

Pick: Penn State

Pick in a mascot fight to the death: Let me just say this: Penn State plays Michigan State in the last week of the season, and I wouldn't be surprised if each was 11-0 in mascot fights to the death when that matchup occurs. It will be as epic as an imaginary mascot death fight can be. The two have emerged as clear favorites in the mascot death fight ring, and I don't see anybody stopping them. Pick, Penn State. (Mascot death fight records: Penn State, 5-0, Illinois, 2-2)

6: No. 9 Ohio State @ Indiana

Indiana will be a good 3-2. But they'll be 3-2.

Pick: Ohio State

Pick in a mascot fight to the death: The Hoosier gets a fairly restful week with a matchup against a nut. Game, Indiana. (Mascot death fight records: Hoosiers, 2-3, Buckeyes, 0-5)