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Writing papers, way easier when you post to a blog while doing 'em. Let's see some links:


  • Paul Banks, who, unlike me, is, like, an actual journalist and stuff, has some legit posts up: he interviewed Jammie Kirlew (Indiana's bone-crunching DE), Jim Phillips, and Tracie Hitz, NU's director of marketing, so, read 'em up.
  • It's nearly basketball season, and that means stories about Northwestern potentially making the NCAA's. Here's a good Big Ten preview from SBNation's own Blogging the Bracket, but the highlights of the NU basketball preview posting has got to come from these two posts from Big Ten Geeks, one reviewing last year, and one previewing next year.
  • The other day, I said on the site that if somebody wanted to write about basketball on the site, they should send me an email. What I should've said is, "if you like NU basketball, and would like me to give you a moderate sized amount of money to do a small amount of work, send me an email." Do I have any takers?
  • Also in basketball news, Teddy Greenstein wrote this article for the Trib. 

That's all I got for now. This paper ain't gonna write itself. I'd know because I've been watching baseball, and there's still just the title there, no paper yet.