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Monday Sips


Late monday sips, that is. 

  • First off, to those of you who emailed me with regards to basketball coverage: I'll email you back. I'm not a jerk, I've just been kinda busy. 
  • Second off, HIGHLIGHTS!    I like how we're down 21 within 15 seconds of the video with no explanation.
  • A tromboner in the marching band sent me this video:   
  • His name is Glenn Opie, and he was the drum major (not majorette - I'm not up on my marching band terminology, apparently) in the 1949 Rose Bowl, and he's, well, the man, for strutting his stuff 60 years later. I met a guy who was a freshman in 1949 over the course of homecoming weekend, and his quote was "yeah, I went to Pasadena, but I don't remember making it to the game." My conclusion is that old people are awesome.
  • Oh, and by the way, I know the correct word is "trombonist", but, I always have and always will refer to any trombone players as "tromboners." Tee-hee. Tromboner. 
  • I really like Spread Far the Fame's John C. Hudson geography lesson method of preparing for NU's opponents. I took Geography of North America last spring with Tyrell Sutton, Kevin Coble, and 150 of my other best friends, and let me say, it's a good course to take for anybody who hates science but is obligated by the university to take science courses. Unfortunately, I sold my copy of Across this Land to the heartless bastards at Beck's for a grand total of something like 6 dollars, so I can't contribute to SFTF's series.
  • After naming Stefan Demos co-Big Ten special teams player of the week a few weeks ago, and therefore distributing the silliest and most pointless award ever, the Big Ten finally picked a side and gave the award to one human and one human only. However, Coach Fitz disagreed, as he named Ricky Weina NU's special teams player of the week, making Demos the best special teams player in the conference, but not the best one on the team. Hurrah for pointless awards.
  • There are two sports-related speeches tomorrow at 7 PM on Northwestern's campus which will only be interesting if you're way, way, way too into sports. Jim Phillips is giving a lecture called "How to be the Athletic Director of a Big Ten School" in Lunt 105 - although I have a funny feeling he's not actually going to tell you how, because that would totally screw up his job security if he just told a bunch of randos who would do his job for way cheaper how to do it - and Jew Tamir Goodman will be talking about being a tallis-wearin baller in the McTrib forum. I won't tell you which one to go to - I personally will be deciding whether to study for a midterm I haven't done any of the reading for yet, watch the opening night of NBA basketball, or go to a bar night, so although I wish I could go to either of these events, I'm totally not going to -  but I might have already chosen a horse in this race. Then again, the Phillips thing is bound to be about 8 times more interesting.
  • After wins, Coach Fitz's intensity-o-meter generally goes down. Less reason to be intense if you're winning, right? Not so before ESPN games at home in the late afternoon against nationally ranked opponents. Fitz's intensity goes up .2 to 7.8, characterized by pee hot enough to cause the water in the toilet bowl to boil if you leave it there long enough.
  • I like to link to HTP's bowl page after every game  - they have us at a 54% chance of bowling, with a whopping 27% chance of going to Detroit. I pity people who will actually have to go to that game.
  • And here's my Big Ten power poll for Rivarly Esq:
  1. Iowa. On the next level right bout now.
  2. Penn State. On the, uh, second highest level right about now.
  3. Ohio State. NIce bounceback with the 30+ point win.
  4. Wisconsin. I can't fault them for being 5-2 with losses to the two best teams in the conference.
  5. Michigan State: Tough loss, but, yeah, it's Iowa. 
  6. Michigan: Ugly loss this week, but, again, it's been a rough schedule thus far in the year for the Wolverines.
  7. Purdue: Last week I got lambasted by Jhodges in the comments for having Purdue above Minnesota. Well, Purdue's won two in a row (against weak competition) and Minnesota's lost two in a row in blowouts (against really good competition.) He's still probably right to lambaste me, so, lambaste away, but I'm stickin to my guns.
  8. Minnesota: Plus, Decker's hurt.
  9. Northwestern: You hear that? IT'S MOMENTUM.
  10. Indiana. Bad. But not as bad as...
  11. Illinois: When you have more quarterbacks than wins, things aren't going well.

So that's that. I'ma nap. Peace, name of the week tomorrow.