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Full Disclosure.

So, a lot of you (and when I see a lot of you, I mean all 8 of you reading) are probably confused.

I talk a decent amount about how basketball is my favorite sport. And it is. 

I have a Space Jam poster hanging above me as I type this. If you tested me, I could probably name 300 NBA players, their teams, where they went to college, and at least one place they played before and their style of play. I can name all of the NBA's 50 greatest players and do so in under four minutes on sporcle. I try to play for at least five hours a week, and as a college hoops fan and NBA obsessive, I probably average 1.2 games a night from now until April.  And outside of the Purdue, Indiana and Chicago State games, I think I went to every home game during school last season, and watched every game, including those three. 

I'm a basketball nerd.

Yet, with NU's season opener three days away, I haven't posted yet once on what could be the best season in school history.

Well, there's news that's good for me, and news that isn't as good for me: the good news is that I'm lucky enough to be covering NU's basketball team for another publication, one that's slightly more prestigious than my shotglass logoed slice of the internet.

The bad news is that that means I won't be writing anything about the team on here. Not a word. 


So this season, I won't be writing about basketball on this blog. Don't you go and fret, though - I've recruited a team of writers to cover the team on here, and they'll be revealing themselves to you shortly. 

I haven't read anything they've written on here yet, because they haven't written anything. But I'ma go ahead and assume you're in good hands. 


So get excited for basketball season. I'm excited too. There will be basketball posts between before Friday's season opener against NIU, so, get pumped get pumped get pumped.