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Thinkin Land of Lincoln

So you might remember all the stuff I used to do every week on this site: I used to preview the team we're playing on wednesday, then Friday I'd post Big Ten picks (and mascot death fights) and also pick the game with some analysis about how NU should/will play.

I say "used to" because I did that every week, but last week I didn't because I was really busy.

And if you do something once, and you beat Iowa, you do it the next week. Which is why for the second straight week, I haven't done those posts, but have interviewed my rival SBN blogger, which, in this case, is Joe K of Hail to the Orange

So here goes:

Is it 100% basketball season yet in illinois, or are people still paying attention to this whole football thing?

Two weeks ago, everyone who paid any attention to Illini athletics at all was clamoring for Basketball season to start, but with the recent unlikely mini win streak the football team has enjoyed there seems to be some renewed interest. A win against you guys and we might even start feeling good about ourselves again. Of course it all dies when we play Cincinnati. Regardless  by the time the ACC Big Ten Challenge rolls around football will be squarely off of the table.

Will Juice Williams be remembered around those parts for the three years he was really good, led Illinois to a Rose Bowl, or as that guy who got benched and injured in a down year for Illinois?
Juice will be remembered as a player that excited us as much as he made us cringe. It is impossible not to consider all of the rough times he has experienced here, but at the same time every one of us knows that when he put to use the right way there are few people who can do what he does. He got us to the Rose Bowl and his career isn't over just yet, and I for one am always going to be a big fan of what Juice has done for this team, given the state it was in when he got here and the heights to which he took it. 

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Land Of Lincoln or Sweet Sioux Tomahawk?

Neither. I have never been that excited about the Northwestern game, and to be honest neither has the football team (which may explain why we have lost so many games recently.) So I could do without the rivalry trophy all together, it just doesn't stand up to the others around the conference. That's why this whole Land of Lincoln Trophy (LoLTrofy) thing upsets me. Rivalries and their trophies should come about organically and through mutual hatred, not put to a committee. When that happens you get the dry and painful Land Grant Trophy, I am sure that the LoLTrofy will be no less dry and unexciting. I mean for come on, Wisconsin and Minnesota get a gigantic axe, we get a lump of wood with a hat on it?

And now, tell me what's gonna happen saturday. Anything you say can and will be jinxed against you.

Franz/Mike Kafka will have to make plays on his feet if he wants to avoid the Illini pass rush. If he can do so and make good throws the Wildcats will move the ball, if not he could suffer several broken bones. 
Also a word of warning Jacob Charest is a hell of a lot better than James Vandenberg, so don't expect a Juice-less Illinois to roll over like Iowa did. We have a very strong running game now and hopefully we will be able to use it to beat you into submission.