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Put You in a Mansion/Somewhere in Wiscansin


T-Pain's revolutionary spelling is probably his most underrated asset

So, because I've asked the SBNation blog of the team we're playing a few questions the past two weeks, and, we're, uh, 2-0, I plan on doing this forever and ever and ever and ever. 

So here's Adam Hoge from Bucky's 5th Quarter to do that thing, and, sure enough, he did. (Oh, and I know you already read a Q and A with Adam over at LTP, but, well, read this one too.)

Because I'm stupid and like to make rash statements without actually checking them for factual accuracy, I assumed Wisconsin would have a down year this year. Obviously, I was wrong. How is Wisconsin 8-2 with rankings just outside the top-15?


Well it’s actually a pretty simple formula. Combine an opportunistic schedule with a very underrated freshman class that is contributing immediately, add the Big Ten’s best running back and a slightly above average quarterback and you have a young team coming of age quite quickly.


John Clay leads the Big Ten in rushing and is averaging well over over 5 yards-per-carry on his career. Why doesn't this guy get an absurd amount of hype?


It’s a good question. I think part of it is because the Badgers have gone unnoticed for most of the season. They missed the "buzz" train when they lost to Ohio State and Iowa. An unnoticed team in a pretty bad conference is not good for a player trying to get recognized nationally. The reality is that Clay could enter the NFL Draft after this season and when he gets drafted, half of America will ask: "Hey, where did that guy go to college?"


How scared should an opponent with a good-mediocre offense like NU's be of the Wisconsin defense?


Well it’s interesting that you use the word "scared" because I wouldn’t describe Wisconsin’s defense as "scary". It has been pretty damn good all season long, but even when the UW defense was shutting out Purdue 37-0, I don’t think I ever thought to myself, "Wow, this defense is dominating." That’s mainly because while the front seven is dangerous, the secondary is pretty bad. Many times this season Wisconsin’s opponent will look anemic on offense and then all the sudden they will go 50 yards on two pass plays. It’s hard to call a defense scary when they are still susceptible to the big play. I will say, however, defensive end O’Brien Schofield is flat out frightening.


And last but not least, a prediction for Saturday. Anything you say can and will be jinxed against you.


Well I’m glad it will be jinxed against me because I am taking the Wildcats in this one. I think it has trap game written all over it for Wisconsin. In losses against Ohio State and Iowa, the Badgers showed us that they were still young and probably a year away from being really good. Then they reeled off three straight wins against Purdue, Indiana and Michigan – hardly tough competition. Wisconsin has been a little undisciplined on the road this season and I think they might have a false sense of confidence right now. Meanwhile, Northwestern happens to be playing their best football of the season. I got Northwestern 28, Wisconsin 27.




 This marks the first time that we've been jinxed by the other guy, and, quite frankly, I'm sorta worried. 

But we got a 2:30 start time tomorrow, so, let's enjoy those three and a half hours like we should.