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Game Thread: Wisconsin @ Northwestern.

Ahhhh, 11:15. When we should wake up for football games, in an ideal world.

Me, I woke up approximately 3 hours ago. You see, I future posted this yesterday afternoon. By the time you're reading this, I've been being busy making sure this is the most enjoyable football experience of my life for +/-2.5 hours. So there.

Anyways, to this game.

If you're a soulless freak, this game is boring. It's the difference between a 7-win team with a berth in the Champs Sports Bowl and an 8-win team with a berth in the Champs Sports Bowl. Trust me. I've been there. I've watched a Knicks team with 22 wins and cheered my ass off for them to get their 23rd.

But this is different.

You might have seen people around campus with a purple shirt with a single word on it. It says "PRIDE." And folks, that's what this game is about. We could win this game or lose this game, and history, and the world, will be literally no different. It's not even like one of those things where if you went back in time and killed a fly and then teleported back, history would be irreparably different. This game couldn't matter less, in terms of literal ish.

But in terms of pride, this game is incomprehensibly huge. We could be an 8-win team coming off a 9-win team that graduated everybody, and deserves a bowl, or a just-above .500 sack of sorries that benefited from scheduling Towson and Eastern Michigan.

So, like I say every mofo'in week, sip with me. I hope there are 0 comments on this game thread, because no NU fan with a pulse should be sitting in front of a computer watching the Big Ten Network. You have 3.5 hours to get to Ryan Field, I don't care if you have to drive, fly, hovercraft, or apparate there, but you best be there. (of course, if you're not, feel free to comment!)

College football. Now. Let's do this.

Go Cats, yo.