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Northwestern, 33, No. 16 Wisconsin, 31




So I just got back from a long, but overwhelmingly excellent day, and after a quick shower, I'm completely purple body paint-free. 


I couldn't have imagined a finer end to the regular season than the one the past three weeks, and, well, the past eight hours, have provided NU fans with. 

Three wins, two top-25 upsets, one bowl berth, and the two best back-to-back seasons for NU since the two everybody talks about. 

I'll have in depth stuff tomorrow, after the basketball game, but, for now, let's keep this post up as one of them good ol' sippin threads. 

Enjoy it, folks. There's a lot of schools out there, even our conference brethren with 50,000 students, that wish they could have had a season, and a lot of alumni wishing they could've had seasons with half as many wins as we had this year. 

I'll get at y'all tomorrow.